Everything I Thought I Knew

Lily was always best friends with Liam. But now, he keeps trying to say he wants to be more than friends. Lily fears she will lose him. Can she get over get fear and fall in love with Liam? What about Niall?


18. Something's missing

Over the next month and a half, so many visitors came. Niall's parents, Greg, Zayn and Perrie, Harry, Louis and Eleanor (again), Simon, Paul, Savan, Josh, Andy, all of Niall's friends. None of Lily's family showed though. Not even her cousins or aunts or uncles or anything. Niall didn't think twice about it but it bothered Lily. Hey, at least she was getting visitors. She hated looking fat and she knew Niall didn't love it either. She could see it in his eyes. One day she got out of the shower and threw on underwear and her matching black lace bra. She walked to the mirror and wrapped her arms around her stomach. She sighed. Niall walked up behind her and put his hands around her belly. It would have scared her if there wasn't a mirror, he was so quiet. He kissed her neck and she said, "I love having this kid but honestly I hate being fat. I hate it. I mean we haven't even had sex for eight months! I don't like it one bit. I need you!" Niall laughed and said, "I think you're still gorgeous but yeah, I can't wait to.. Ya know.. Again either. I've been waiting for so long" He had moved his hands higher and higher, until he was massaging her shoulders, "But I was thinking that even after he's out, he's gonna cry a lot during the night especially with how loud you're going to be after those long nine months without my expertise," he said kissing her neck and popping up for each word. Lily playfully slapped his face softly. She laughed and turned around to face him. "Well I guess Eleanor's eagerness will come in handy, she would love to babysit I'm sure. I mean, it could take a while. Probably all night." Lily could feel him pushing on her leg through his boxers. She was rubbing her hands on his chest and he was shivering because they were cold. She moved her hands up to around his neck and he was patting on her stomach like a drum. He was singing, but he stopped when Lily kissed him, passionately. He couldn't take it. "Lily... Lily... Love... Not right now... No.. I can't right now... Wait like half a month... Please... Don't do this now..." Lily laughed and slapped his butt as she walked away. He shivered and went to get in the shower. He didn't want to be tempted by her right now. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold himself back. While Niall was in the shower Lily got dressed and turned on the tv. Niall walked out and plopped down beside her. She rested her head on his lap and he was massaging her back. She was drawing pictures on his leg. She said, "What are we going to name him?" Niall gasped. "I don't even know!" "I'm sure you have some ideas Nialler." "I don't know... Really I don't." "Well I've always liked the name James." "That's my middle name! We should name him James!! Definitely James." Lily giggled and said, "alright James it is." Niall and Lily fell asleep in each others arms.
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