Everything I Thought I Knew

Lily was always best friends with Liam. But now, he keeps trying to say he wants to be more than friends. Lily fears she will lose him. Can she get over get fear and fall in love with Liam? What about Niall?


2. Sneaking around

"I don't want you seeing that boy anymore Lily! You've been so distant for a while now and I don't like it one bit!" yelled Lily's mom. "MOM! He's my best friend! You can't do that!" "You'll just have to see him at school I guess." "Mom!!" "I've made my derision Lily. I'm your mother I need you to understand." "You don't understand anything! If you think that this will help me be closer to you then you don't know anything! I hate being around you ever since dad died! Just leave me alone!" Lily grabbed her keys and drove to Liam's house. She ran in the door and collapsed on the couch. "Hello?" Liam called from upstairs. Lily just kept crying and Liam ran down the stairs. "What's wrong Lily?" "Just my mom. She's being unfair." she said as she wiped her eyes. "She thinks that I don't like her because I hang with you so much." "How about tonight we sneak you out of there huh?" Lily giggled and said, "whEre did your innocence escape to?" He shrugged and said, "don't know don't care." with a laugh.
Later that night, Lily's phone buzzed. Leeyum:D x hey ready to get to the club? x Lily x you know I am!! x Lily ran over to her closet and pulled out the dress she had bought a while ago, it was bright blue and very tight and very short. She quickly styled her hair and altered her makeup to look dramatic and smokey with a hint of blue glitter at the end of the eyeliner tail. Her phone buzzed again. Leeyum:D x I'm outside whenever you're ready x Lily threw her black heels on and grabbed her phone. She climbed out the window and ran to Liam's car. "Wow, you look stunning Lily." Lily blushed and looked out the window. "Thanks Li." Liam was cursing himself on the inside for letting that slip. Now she felt awkward. 'Great job.' he thought to himself.
When they got to the club, Lily headed straight for the bar. She got her drink and Liam sat by her but didn't get a drink. That innocence was still there. A while later when Lily was terribly drunk he asked if she was ready to go and she stood up and walked out the door. They got in the car after a bit of struggling and losing a shoe, and Lily looked at Liam and said, "You're just too attractive. I love you Liam. More than a friend." Liam just looked at her and laughed. "You're drunk Lily. Very drunk." On the outside Liam shrugged it off but on the inside he was having a me party with himself.
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