Everything I Thought I Knew

Lily was always best friends with Liam. But now, he keeps trying to say he wants to be more than friends. Lily fears she will lose him. Can she get over get fear and fall in love with Liam? What about Niall?


16. Kennedy

Niall pulled into the garage and Liam stepped out of his car. Lily went inside and Niall stayed outside to see what Liam wanted. "What now?"
"I just wanted to say congratulations on your baby and I would like to speak with Lily please."
Lily had walked out of the door to grab some sacks of baby supplies and Liam caught her attention. He signaled for her to come over to him and Niall. She sighed and walked over. "Can I help you?" "I just wanted to say congratulations on you and Niall and your baby." "Is that all?" "No, I wanted you to know that I moved on. Would you like to meet my girlfriend?" "Sure, Liam. That's great!" Now that Lily knew Liam was not going to try anything funny she was much more comfortable around him. Neither lily nor Niall had noticed that there was a girl in the passenger seat of Liam's car. Liam walked to the side and opened the door. Out stepped a beautiful girl. She had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Liam put his arm around her and said, "Lily, Niall, this is Kennedy. She's my girlfriend." Niall smiled and said, "Kennedy, Liam, this is Lily. She's my fiancée." Apparently Liam hadn't heard this news. He gasped and grabbed Lily's hand. He pulled it to his eyes to see a gorgeous diamond ring. He smiled, definitely a fake smile. Lily could tell. She had been his best friend for long enough to know. Niall grabbed Lily's hand and said, "You guys can come in if you want. I just need to carry this stuff in." Liam volunteered to help Niall while Kennedy and Lily went inside. They talked and they actually got along very well. Niall and Liam finished up and walked inside. Niall had been trying to cut down on alcohol because he knew Lily couldn't have it. Liam laughed when Niall offered him an apple juice. They went and sat down on the couch by Lily and Kennedy. Niall had been thinking that Kennedy looked familiar, and then it hit him. She had been shoving her tongue down Liam's throat when Niall and lily visited him that day when he broke Lily's heart! Niall was in a bad mood the rest of the time they were there. Sensing the tension, Liam said he and Kennedy should get back. Niall and Lily started to decorate the nursery. Lily knew Niall was upset, she just couldn't figure out why. Finally she just came out and asked him. "What's wrong Niall?" He sighed and decided to tell her. "Remember that day when I picked you up at the park? And then we went to see what Liam had to say for himself? And then you got upset and went to sit in my car?" Lily was nodding the whole time. Niall continued, "so he shut the door and then I heard a thud on the window. I turned around to see him making out with some girl. That girl was Kennedy." Lily sighed and said, "wow, Liam is a very good liar." Niall laughed and they kept painting. Then Niall reached over and painted a dot on Lily's nose. She laughed and painted one on his nose. They were laughing and painting each other and then the doorbell rang. Niall went to answer it and found someone he didn't know at the door. But they had the same eyes as Lily....
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