Everything I Thought I Knew

Lily was always best friends with Liam. But now, he keeps trying to say he wants to be more than friends. Lily fears she will lose him. Can she get over get fear and fall in love with Liam? What about Niall?


20. High tensions

Niall and Lily were home with James. He cried, a lot. Both of them were frustrated with everything, and tensions were high. Even brushing shoulders while walking by could set them off. One day, Lily heard James crying during the night. She sat up and saw Niall cover his head with his pillow. 'Typical. How ridiculous of him. He knows I'm tired.' she thought. She stormed out to get James and comfort him and she felt better after he fell asleep in her arms. She walked back in to the bedroom and tripped on something. She flipped the lights on and saw it was Niall's dirty laundry. Niall rolled over and rubbed his eyes, "what are you doing up?" "James was crying and then I tripped on your shit." she snapped as she glared at him and flicked the lights off. Niall couldn't sleep, he hated how distant and angry and negative he and Lily were lately. Then, a thought popped into his head.
He slipped out of the room to plan his surprise.
Lily woke up, still furious that Niall left his clothes all over and ignored James. She looked over expecting to see him still asleep but he was gone. She stumbled over to the nursery and walked over to James's crib. She was surprised that he wasn't there. She walked down the stairs quickly to see Niall holding James and singing songs to him. James was all ready, bathed and dressed and Niall looked so tired. Lily walked over and tapped on Niall's shoulder. Niall jumped a little and it woke James up. His little blue baby eyes popped open and he got a little grin on his face. Niall handed James to her and she smiled up at him.
There was a knock at the door and Niall went to get it. He welcomed Eleanor in and grabbed a diaper bag he had apparently prepared. Lily was confused when El walked over and held out her arms for James. Lily gave Niall a confused look but she didn't ask. Eleanor left with James and Niall shrugged and said, "I thought we could use some alone time" with a wink. "I certainly could!" They showered together [(;] and then they got dressed. They went out to Nando's. they drove home and they were cuddling in their bed when Niall's phone rang. He looked at the screen and it said "TOMMO" lily looked over and he said, "I'll call him later." She smiled and cuddled into him some more. It rang again and it was Louis again. "Niall what if its James? Answer it answer it."
"Hello" ... "Wait what?" ... "Are they okay?" ... "We'll be right over."
"Niall what happened?"
"It's el and James. They got in a car wreck."
Lily started bawling and ran out to the car. Niall barely made it in before she started to drive away. They pulled into the hospital and lily parked like a 10 year old. She jumped out of the car and ran into the hospital.
"Eleanor Calder and James horan?"
"Let's see here..." the nurse said.
It was pissing Lily off so she just grabbed the paper out of the nurse's hand and ran off. Niall basically sprinted to catch up and he was panting when she stopped. She burst into the room to see James in a doctor's arms. She ran up and cried, "is he okay?!" The doctor nodded and put a finger to his lips to signal her to quiet down. "No I will not! He's my baby now hand him over!" The doctor had pure fear in his eyes. He quickly but gently handed James to Lily and speed walked out of the room. Niall was laughing a little at Lily's attitude but he was concerned with James. He had a few scratches and bruises but he was alright. Niall had the room list and they rushed over to see Eleanor. Louis was siting outside the door crying. Niall ran up and sat next to him and patted his back. "Lou, it's okay. She'll be alright Louis. Everything's fine."
Two hours later the doctor walked out. Louis looked up and basically chased him down the hall.
He came back and rushed into the room. Niall and Lily stayed out with James for a while. They walked in and Louis was sitting by the bed asleep, holding Eleanor's hand. Lily smiled at Niall and they just chilled in the corner for a bit. Finally, they went home. James slept really well, but it was a miracle he didn't wake up because there was a lot of noise being made. ;)
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