Everything I Thought I Knew

Lily was always best friends with Liam. But now, he keeps trying to say he wants to be more than friends. Lily fears she will lose him. Can she get over get fear and fall in love with Liam? What about Niall?


8. Breakdown

It had been about three weeks since the incident with Liam, which also meant three weeks that Niall and Lily had been dating. It was Harry's birthday and he was having a small get together with some of his friends.
At the party everything was going alright, Lily and Niall were happy, Liam didn't cause any problems, and it was an overall good, fun night.
After the party, Niall and Lily decided they were ready. They walked into the flat they now shared and started to pull each others clothes off. Niall picked Lily up and ran to the bed........ {The next day!}
Lily woke up next to Niall and smiled. She walked over to the shower and when she got out she found Niall making breakfast. He was in a very good mood, singing and dancing around the kitchen. The pancakes he made were delicious, they had m&ms in them. "I guess we'll have to do that more often if I get pancakes after!!" Lily said and laughed. Niall looked up and giggled. He swallowed his pancake and said, "that's not the only reason we should do that more often," as he winked. Niall went to shower and after the water started Lily heard a knock on the door. She got up and pulled the door closed, distracted by thoughts of last night. She looked up to see Liam, his face tear stained and holding a bouquet of roses. He started to sing 'Loved you First' Lily was taken aback and could only manage, "what do you think you're doing here?!" He sighed and said, "I don't know, I saw you with Niall at Harry's party yesterday and I realized how amazing you are and how jealous I really am."
"Well you screwed up. I may eventually forgive you but never will I ever forget that." Lily said coldly.
Liam didn't know what he was doing here.. He was confused.. His emotions came over him and he found himself leaning forward to kiss Lily like he had always wanted to do. She stepped back, about 5 steps, with a look of pure horror on her face. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? You can't just come barging in to our flat and think everything is hunky dory and I'm just gonna forgive you and leave my amazing boyfriend and everything that's going right for me!! Get out of my face! Get out of my house!"
Niall heard the yelling and hurried rinsing his hair. He quickly pulled on his one piece and ran down the stairs to hear Lily yelling at someone. He rushed around the corner to see Liam. His face immediately flushed with anger and he couldn't contain himself. He knew very well that if it came down to a physical encounter Liam would look much better afterwards than he would, and he didn't want it to get all the way to that. "Get away from her you sorry prick!!"
"You're right, I am sorry! I should have never left her and I know that now. Then she wouldn't have settled for you!"
"I didn't settle! Niall is all I could ever want, more than you could ever be!!" lily snapped at Liam. She pushed him backwards out of the doorframe and slammed the door in his face. Liam tried to open it but Niall had reached over and locked it. Liam started to knock and it was becoming quite annoying so Niall turned on some music, loud enough that the knocks were drowned out. After a while, Liam gave up and left.
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