Everything I Thought I Knew

Lily was always best friends with Liam. But now, he keeps trying to say he wants to be more than friends. Lily fears she will lose him. Can she get over get fear and fall in love with Liam? What about Niall?


1. Cookies

Liam had called and invited Lily over to make cookies. But he had more than cookies on his mind. He had convinced himself to tell her how he felt tonight, he had been waiting long enough. If she was going to break his heart it was better earlier. He put on some music and laid on the couch to look causal.
Lily knocked on the door, which was weird. She had no idea why she did that. Her and Liam had been best friends for years... She got lost in thought 'maybe I'm just distracted, I really like Liam, what if he breaks my heart though, should i tell him, what if I ruin everything we have, he's like my only friend, what if we break up..."'She looked up to see Liam standing in the door. "A little distracted there?" he laughed. "Yeah haha I guess I am."
They walked inside and started making cookies, dancing around the kitchen laughing at each others terrible dancing skills. Finally the cookies were done and they jumped onto the couch. "So how's life?" Liam asked. "Pretty great actually and you?" "Doin alright, I have a lot of things on my mind lately." "Oh yeah, like what?" "Work, you, work, you, work, you.." "Wow, that's quite a variety," Lily laughed.
They watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch. Lily's head was resting on Liam's shoulder and his arm was around her.
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