Chasing Melody

Melissa( AKA Melody) and her older cousin Sarah were best friends they even lived together they had no diferences love the same music,had the same style, and did everything together.Anothe thing they had in common they were both bad asses they were 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Karate they also both were wresteling pros so you would assume that no one can touch them well when they got to a one direction concert together and Melissa gets kidnaped how far will Sarah go to find her cousin and best friend?


5. She's back

Sarah's POV:
I was sitting in front of my computer thinking about who would've done this and if Melissa's ok.The questions were boiling in my brain and searing themselves into my thoughts.I ran my fingers through my red hair and looked through the pictures Melissa and I took when we went to Panama together."who would do this" I asked myself.My phone buzzed,it was Niall calling me."hello" I said while picking up the phone."hey care bear,have you figured out what happened to Melissa" Niall asked."no,the clues just don't add up" I said."do you wanna talk about it" niall asked.I started crying."I miss her so much,I just really hope she's ok" I cried."me too" Niall said."what kind of a sick person would do that" I yelled through the tears."just let it out" Niall whispered.I cried my eyes out and thought until it hit me.I stopped crying."Sara,are you there" Niall asked."where is she" I asked."where is who" Niall asked."I swear to satan if you don't tell me where Melissa is I will personally go to your house and rip out your throat with my teeth" I said.Niall hung up the phone.I got up and grabbed my car keys.I drove to Niall's house and tried to open the door."it's locked" I whispered to myself.I got into ready stance and snap kicked the door open.the house was dark.I crawled through the hole in the door and looked around."Melody" I yelled.I heard muffled grunts comming from Niall's basement.I quietly walked to the basement but before I could open the door I felt someone grab me.I quickly turned and kicked the attacker in the temple and punched him in the throat.I opened the door and ran down the steps.I looked and saw Harry raping Melissa.Harry looked at me with horror and Melissa had a look of relief.I looked at Harry with cold eyes.I ran and kicked him in the nose."do you find it fun to rape little girls,like some kind of sick joke" I yelled.Harry shook his head quickly."so why were you doing that to her then" I growled."I-I don't know" Harry said."you sick bastard" I said while throwing him on the floor.I walked over to Melissa and gently picked her up,she was shaking."shhh,it's ok no one can hurt you now" I whispered gently.She burried her head into my chest.I began walking up the stairs when Zayn stopped me."move" I growled.Zayn stood his ground so he was either stupid or brave.I snapped kicked him in the forehead and ran away.I carried Melissa to my car and gently put her in the passenger seat.i drove Melissa home and hugged her."did they ever get to see you cry" I asked."no" Melissa said."you're strong,and I'm sorry I didn't find out sooner" I said." It's not your fault" Melissa said.I smiled at Melissa."now go take a shower,you smell like rape" I said.Melissa ran to her bathroom.I grabbed my phone and called Niall."why are Zayn and Harry passed out and bleeding on the floor" Niall asked."I'm a cat and I left you a present" I said.I hung up and looked through my contacts.I called Mason,my boyfriend,and asked him if he wanted to come over for dinner.Mason said yes and I went to take a shower.I washed off quickly and got ready to cook dinner."Melissa,Mason's coming over" I yelled.Melissa walked out of the shower and smiled."okay I'll get ready" Melissa said.I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the pork that was marinating on the fridge.I tossed it in a pan and started cooking it.Melissa joined me and helped me make the sauce.I'm so glad to have her back
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