Chasing Melody

Melissa( AKA Melody) and her older cousin Sarah were best friends they even lived together they had no diferences love the same music,had the same style, and did everything together.Anothe thing they had in common they were both bad asses they were 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Karate they also both were wresteling pros so you would assume that no one can touch them well when they got to a one direction concert together and Melissa gets kidnaped how far will Sarah go to find her cousin and best friend?


3. Lion king

Melissa's POV:

I sat on my bed just thinking."hey are you ok" someone said.I turned my head and saw Zayn standing in the door way."Please don't hurt me I'm sorry for trying to escape and I won't do it again I promise" I said covering my head."hey who said anything about hurting you I just came to tell you dinner's ready" Zayn said calmly."but Harry said-"."Harry what did he tell you" Zayn asked."he told me he was gonna r-rape me" I stuttered."Harry always takes things too far" Zayn yelled."is he gonna be down stairs" I asked."yeah but don't worry I'll go with you and tell Niall to talk to Harry" Zayn said.I got off the bed and walked over to Zayn."you promise you won't let him hurt me" I asked Zayn."promise" Zayn said putting this hand on my shoulder.Zayn led me to the living room where I saw Harry and Niall watching a movie and eating."Niall Melissa and I need to talk to you" Zayn said.Niall got up and followed us to the kitchen."what I was eating" Niall said."Harry said he was gonna you know rape Melissa if she misbehaves again" Zayn said."call me melody" I said to Zayn."is this true Melody" Niall asked me."yes but please don't tell Harry I told you guys" I begged."don't worry we won't and we won't let Harry near you ether" Zayn said softly.I hugged Zayn."Niall when do I get to go home I miss Sir Fluffington and Rocco" I said."you still have Sir Fluffington and Rocco" Niall asked excitedly."yeah" I said."who are they" Zayn asked."my cat and tank-dog" I said."oh" Zayn said."you must be hungry melody why don't I get you some food" Niall offered."ok" I said.Niall walked over to the fridge."what should we do about Harry what if he comes into my room tonight" I asked Zayn."you can sleep in my room and I'll lock the door so Harry can't get you" Zayn said.Niall walked back over to us and handed me a plate of chicken."why don't you come watch lion king with us" Niall offered.I started crying."hey melody don't worry I'll keep Harry away from you" Zayn said."thanks but Sarah and I always used to watch the lion king together and I really wanna go home" I cried."maybe I'll let you go home soon it depends on how I feel" Niall said."ok" I said.Zayn put his hand on my shoulder and led me to the living room.I saw Harry and he looked angry.I sat down at the opposite end of Harry on the couch,then Niall and Zayn sat between me and Harry.I looked at the screen and saw it was when Simba and Marah saw each other again."I can see what's happening" tamone said."what" pumba said."And they don't have a clue"."who"."they'll fall in love and here's the bottom line our trios down to two"."oh"."the sweet caress of twilight,there's magic everywhere,and with all this romantic atmosphere,disasters in the air"."can you fell the love tonight,the peace the evening grace,the world for once in perfect harmony with all it's living things" I sang softly.I quietly sang along for the rest of the song before I realized Niall paused the movie.I turned and saw Zayn and Niall starring at me with wide eyes."you're really good at singing,maybe when I let you go I can talk to uncle Simon about a record deal" Niall said."I guess I don't think I'm that good though" I said."are you kidding you're amazing,even better than Harry" Zayn said."can we please get back to the movie" Harry asked a little annoyed."oh yeah" Niall said.We watched the rest of the movie in silence,and then it ended."I'm gonna go to sleep" I said.I got up and so did Zayn.Zayn put his hand on my shoulder and led me to his room."I'm really sorry about Harry" Zayn said."yeah well there's one thing Sarah always told me" I said."really what" Zayn asked."Real friend will dress in drag and do the hula as a distraction while you go kill your crazy uncle" Zayn started laughing really hard.I laughed along with him.
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