Chasing Melody

Melissa( AKA Melody) and her older cousin Sarah were best friends they even lived together they had no diferences love the same music,had the same style, and did everything together.Anothe thing they had in common they were both bad asses they were 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Karate they also both were wresteling pros so you would assume that no one can touch them well when they got to a one direction concert together and Melissa gets kidnaped how far will Sarah go to find her cousin and best friend?


4. Hangout

Melissa's POV:

I woke up in Zayn's room."Zayn" I yelled."yeah melody" Zayn said walking in."oh I just wanted to make sure you were ok" I said."yeah I was just trying to find my old IPod touch so you could have it" Zayn said."oh thanks that's really sweet" I said."also Niall and I need to go to the studio but we know we can't leave you with Harry so I called my girlfriend Perrie to take care of you" Zayn said."oh thanks but when will you come back" I asked."soon we're gonna leave you here alone for a few minutes unwell Perrie comes,so please just stay here,also we have paranormal activity 1,2,&3 in the living room" Zayn said,then he tossed me his old iPod."can I download songs or apps" I asked."yeah anything you want the password is written on the notepad on the nightstand" Zayn said."thanks bye" I said."bye" Zayn said then he walked out of the room,leaving the door unlocked.I sat on the bed playing mindcraft for a few minutes before a girl with light blonde hair walked into the room."hello" she said."hi" I said shyly."come here give me a hug,I don't bite" she said.I walked over to her and gave her a hug."I'm Perrie,you must be Melissa" she said."yeah" I said."just so you know I'm totally against kidnapping you and holding you here against your will" she said."that's good" I said."oh I brought some nail polish and stuff,if you want" she said."Like sleepover stuff" I asked."yeah" she said."ok" I said."come on we can go watch paranormal activity and hang out does that sound like fun" she asked."yeah I finally have a girl to hang out with I wanna make the most of this it could be years before I hang out with a girl again" I said."good point" Perrie said.Perrie led me to the living room,and we started painting our nails and doing each others hair.
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