Chasing Melody

Melissa( AKA Melody) and her older cousin Sarah were best friends they even lived together they had no diferences love the same music,had the same style, and did everything together.Anothe thing they had in common they were both bad asses they were 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Karate they also both were wresteling pros so you would assume that no one can touch them well when they got to a one direction concert together and Melissa gets kidnaped how far will Sarah go to find her cousin and best friend?


2. Grrrr

Melody's POV:
Sarah and I were in the car driving to a one direction concert,we got tickets cuz sarah was Niall's ex but they were still good friends.We found our seats and sat down."I'm gonna go to the bathroom" Sarah said.Sarah walked off.I was early so I sat there and only 2 other people were there.I felt something cover my eyes and mouth.I struggled but it didn't work.whoever was doing this bagged me and started dragging me.I looked through my pocket and found the pocket knife that Sarah got me for Christmas.I tried to cut a hole in the bag but it didn't work and I was running out of air."let me out I can't breathe" I said."not yet" they said.I blacked out.

I woke up in a twin bed.I tried to get out but I was being held to the bed with clinging wrap.I grabbed my knife and cut the plastic wrap so I could get out.I got up and walked out of the room."how did you get out of the bed" Harry asked me."magic" I said."ok then" Harry said."can you please tell me why I'm here" I asked."cuz you're cousin broke up with me" Niall said."why is that my fault" I asked."cuz she broke up with me so she could help pay for your guises apartment" Niall said."so you invited us to the concert so you could kidnap me" I said."yup" Niall said."Sarah's gonna come looking for me" I said."yes but we're leading her away from you" Harry said.I took a deep breath and ran for the door.Zayn tried to grab me but I side kicked him and ran out the door.I saw a fire escape and that was my escape.I climbed up the fire escape and hid."got ya" I heard Harry say.I looked up and saw Harry holding a handful of my blonde hair.This is where gymnastics kicks in.I grabbed Harry's wrist and used that to excell me up,I used my other hand to grab a windowsill and pull me out of Harry's grasp.But Harry grabbed my leg and pulled me back in."next time you try that you get raped" Harry said."sorry" I said.I needed to gain their trust.
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