Chasing Melody

Melissa( AKA Melody) and her older cousin Sarah were best friends they even lived together they had no diferences love the same music,had the same style, and did everything together.Anothe thing they had in common they were both bad asses they were 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Karate they also both were wresteling pros so you would assume that no one can touch them well when they got to a one direction concert together and Melissa gets kidnaped how far will Sarah go to find her cousin and best friend?


1. Melody and Sarah

Name: Melissa

Nickname: Melody


Best Friend: My cousin Sarah

Skills: Martal arts,Boxing,Gynmnastics,Running,Skate boarding,and Surfing

Likes:Shopping,Sports,Music,and being a smart ass

Dislikes:Haters,Snobs,People who try to boss me around,Drama queens,and toy dogs because they're useless

Favorite brands: Converse,Apple,and Ralph Lauren

Favorite stores:Forever 21,Clairs,Target,and Nike

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite type of music: Rap,R&B,Pop,and Counry

Favorite bands: One Direction,The Wanted,and Lady Antibellum

Favorite Singers:Frank Ocean,Jay-Z,Kanye,Frank Sanatra,Elton John,Blake Shelton,Maranda Lambert,Usher,T.I.,Iyaz,Jason Delrulo,Mario,Big Sean,And Ne-Yo

Last 5 things I bought: A pair of Converse All Stars,A Converse T shirt,A blue and black bakinni,A pair of purple Beats,and An Iphone 5

Favorite movie:All the Lion King movies

Favorite song:Can you feel the love tonight from the Lion king





Best friend: My little cousin Melody

Skills:Martal arts,Boxing,Gymnastics,Singing,And Figure Skating I'm on team USA

Likes:Shopping,Gymnastics even though I'm not good at it,

dislikes:haters,people who think they're smarter than me,anyone who tries to fuck with me or my cousin Favorite brands:converse,apple,and bed head Favorite stores:radio shack,pet co,anywhere that sells weapons Favorite color: hot pink Favorite type of music:pop,hip hop,dub step,r&b,rock,rap,and country Favorite bands: One direction,The Wanted,and Chanel orange Favorite singers:jay z,frank ocean,T.I.,iyaz,Jason derulo,trey songz,T pain,B.O.B,J.Cole,Bruno mars,Chris Brown,Usher,Ne-Yo,and Frank Sinatra Last 5 things I bought: an audemar pigget,an iPhone 5,frank ocean album,a pair of toms,and a German Shepard puppy Favorite movie:the lion king movies Favorite song:little things by one direction

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