One direction no way

Marie Simpson, has always dreamed of meeting her favourite boy band one direction. But her parents are strict, and will never let her go to ANY of there concerts. Her friends always go.
So when one day, One direction unexpectly turn up on her street, with cute british accents Marie is outstounded. A secret world tour prehaps? Nows Maries chance...

A whole new story of love romance friends and fun.


2. bored

i peered out the window. mum was cooking dinner. noodles. cheap but yum.

i have never thought of myself as pretty. i never looked my self in the mirrow and...


did that random blonde guy, pull a mask off?

OMG! he looked just like Niall. but it couldnt be right? Niall and the boys arent in australia. Mum goes out the back door and says im going to do the washing and dad needs to mend something.

ALL THE OTHER BOYS TAKE MASKS OFF. it was 1d! i screamed. mum or dad didnt here. but 1d did. i hid because they looked in my house and knocked at the door.

it was probally just a prank.

i answered it, my whole body trembling.

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