One direction no way

Marie Simpson, has always dreamed of meeting her favourite boy band one direction. But her parents are strict, and will never let her go to ANY of there concerts. Her friends always go.
So when one day, One direction unexpectly turn up on her street, with cute british accents Marie is outstounded. A secret world tour prehaps? Nows Maries chance...

A whole new story of love romance friends and fun.


1. A quidience.

Hi im Marie. Marie Simpson. People are SO immature with my last name they copy it from that stupid tv show the Simpsons. I mean i never really watch the show, and there like im an older version of Lisa.  Or im barts sister which REALLY pisses me off. That stupid cartoon, is SO popular then well i tell kids my name they stare. SO  just tell my first name but then they ask my last name and i cant lie.


Anyway Sandra Cassie Sarah and Judy are my best friends.  I expectlly like Sandra, because she NEARLY loves 1d more then me and goes to there concerts daily. she invites me all the time but im like sorry take Sarah, my parents dont let me.

I JUST WISH my life would be better. people stop bugging about my last name. AND i finally want my parents to stop to be SO strict. BUT more then anything i want to go to a 1d concert, or at least see them in person.


i was at home right now, just texting Cass and Jude. then Suddenly I heard some cute british accents down the road..

Be back guys. i texted back. ok they said.

i saw a blonde male, with a nice t shirt. he was talking to 4 over boys. IT WASNT ONE DIRECTION. could it be? they shouldnt be in Australia. then the blond boy turned around. IT WASNT NIALL DAM. it was some dude. i sighed hid and went to text cass and jude.

Im back. i texted. i put my phones in my hand. they were offline probally dinner i sighed again but even louder.

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