Kiss You

Maddie and Liz are sisters who move to London after tragedy strikes their lives. What will happen when they meet One Direction and fall in love.

My sister and I are writing this, and it's our first Movella. Please let us know what you think!! Suggestions are helpful. :)


7. Unexpected

Liz’s POV

It was the next morning, the morning of my interview. I woke up in a cold sweat, with shaky legs and rubbery arms. I was so scared. If I messed this up, it’s not only my career on the line, it’s hers. I couldn’t do that to my best friend. So I did what I thought would help her. I faked being sick. I went into my little bathroom and sat on the floor, holding my stomach. Suzie would be in any minute to make sure she was awake.

“Liz? You awake?” She heard Suzie call. Right on schedule. Show time.

“I’m in here….” I said in my weakest possible voice. As she rushed into the bathroom I turned onto my side and moaned. “I don’t feel good.”

“What is it? Do you have a headache? Stomach ache? Should I call my editor and tell her you’ve fallen ill?” She asked.

There was a deep concern in her eyes. I felt horrible. All of the sudden, her face changed. Damn it, she saw the guilt.

“Elizabeth Anne Greene get your ass of this floor and into that shower. I’m starting breakfast and coffee in five minutes. Be in the kitchen and ready in a half hour.” She stormed out of the room.

Damn it. I did it every time. I couldn’t lie to her. She was too good a friend. I always ended up feeling bad and tipping her off.

I grudgingly got into the shower and turned on the warm tap. The water reminded me. Shit. I have to call Harry and tell him I failed after this. I was so nervous. I was gonna screw this up, I could just feel it. I walked into the kitchen after putting on a navy blue dress with black heels and a cream colored blazer. Both girls were already in the kitchen and they nodded at my outfit.

“Very nice.” Suzie said. She came over and hugged me. “You’ve got this. Stop being so goddamn self-conscious and just go for it. I’ve seen your portfolio. Your work is amazing. Not even you can deny that.”

I nodded and got my cup of coffee and breakfast. We had about a half hour until we had to leave so Suzie decided to get dressed. She came back out in a black pencil skirt, black heels, and a bright blue top.

“Let’s go chicka. We have to be there in about 45 minutes and it’s about a half hour away.” She said. I grabbed my portfolio and my sister pulled me into a hug, whispering words of encouragement. Then she handed me her phone.

“Why are you giving me your phone?” I looked at her dumbly.

“Look at it stupid.” She said, rolling her eyes and laughing.

There was a call open. I put it up to my ear. “Hello?” I asked.

“Hi Liz! I just wanted to be able to wish you good luck with your interview today! You’ll do amazing, Love. They’ll adore you.” I could hear him smile towards the end of the sentence and then he hung up. Thank god for Harry.

I can do this. I thought to myself.

When I got to BBC, my heart started racing again. But I kept Harry’s words in my mind, and I managed to stay calm. You’ll do amazing, Love. They’ll adore you. I let it keep running in my head as I walked into the editor’s office. It was huge! I was so intimidated. When she sat down and started talking though, I realized she was actually kind of like an older version of Suzie.

“How old are you Elizabeth?” She asked in a kind tone.

“I’m 18 ma’am.” I replied.

“Well I’m sure Suzie has told you by now that I’m looking for a writer to work with her on a special assignment.” I looked at her completely dumfounded. “She…. Hasn’t told you? I talked to her on the phone late last night about the change of plans, I thought for sure she’d tell you”

I shook my head at her and she got up and went over to a tv screen. Turning it on, a show proposal showed up.

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on tour with the lads of One Direction?” someone narrated. “Well here’s your chance. Coming to BBC this Winter, a new documentary type show will follow the five handsome young lads as they make their way around the world on the “Take Me Home” tour. Don’t you dare miss it!” The screen faded back to black and she looked at me.

“But… where do I fit into this? I’m a writer. Documentaries don’t exactly have a story line…” I trailed off as she smirked.

“Ah, yes, but you can write press releases on what’s coming next. Extras, inside details. Things maybe the cameras don’t always catch. You’ll be the one conducting about 90% of the interviews for the show.”

“But my sister-“ I started.

“Suzie told me she wants to be a hairdresser? She can work with our team. She’ll be working with some of the best stylists in the world. Look, Liz. You are a phenomenal writer. We need a brain like yours on this team.”

I thought about it. What was really the harm? We all got to do our dream jobs, we got to travel the world in style, and live with the boys for over a year. AND WE WERE GETTING PAID FOR IT. It was perfect.

“Can I just talk to my sister, and let you know of our final decision tomorrow morning?” I asked cautiously.

“I expect to hear from you be 9 a.m. sharp, Ms. Greene. I look forward to hearing your decision.”

And with that I walked out of BBC and to the car with Suzie.

Well this was….. unexpected.

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