Kiss You

Maddie and Liz are sisters who move to London after tragedy strikes their lives. What will happen when they meet One Direction and fall in love.

My sister and I are writing this, and it's our first Movella. Please let us know what you think!! Suggestions are helpful. :)


16. The Talk

Simons POV

When they got in the car, they all looked scared. They should be since they didnt go through management before their little announcements. Once they were all in the car, I started to speak.

"All of you need to go back to the offices with me. We need to have a little talk."

No one responded and it was silent until we got to the offices. They sat down as we went into my office.

"None of you went through me before you decided to go through with all of this. It wouldnt have been a big deal if you didnt announcement. When you signed your contract, boys, you were told that you could not make any decisions on your own. But, you did and I should be punishing you all. But these girls didnt do anything and they seem very nice."

I stared at them for a second. These girls did seem polite and nice so I didnt want to make it seem like im too mean. I also had to congraulate them but I really didnt want to make it seem liek what they did was ok.

"Im looking foward to getting to know you girls and congratulations to all of you. If you have any problems in the next couple of days, you know where to find me. But before you leave I want to talk to you about Clayton. Someone in America called me and said they saw Clayton at the airport. They think he might have bought a ticket back to London. Needless to say, dont go alone anywhere in the next couple of day and stay in your apartments as much as possible. Thats it guys, the car will take you back to your apartments. Thank you."

They all walked out with smiles on their faces. I loved these boys too much to scold them to much. I really did feel happy for them all now that they all were very happy. I cant say that these girls werent beautiful so I definitley approved of it all. But, realtionships dont last long so we will see what the future brings.

Nialls POV

When we got in the car, you could tell that we were all scared by the angry look on his face. Once he said that he needed to see us in his office right now, we got even more scared. What would he think of everything? What would he do? We were all in love with our girl and we didnt want that taken away, although Louis and Zayn were fine, they were scared for us.

When we got to the office, we were yelled at by Simon which was expected but he then congradulated us which was unexpected. When he did, everybody had a smile on their face.

As we walked out of the office, everybody sighed like they had just had the weight of the world of their shoulders.It was true, Simon was scary and to have him scold us like that, we didnt know if we would make it out alive or not. We all got in the car and kind of just stayed silent until we got home. Louis tryed to lighten the mood but we were all kind of still scared. Clayton. Why would he buy a ticket back to London? Did he buy a ticket back to London?

When we got into our apartment, Louis screamed "MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!"

We all agreed and got cuddled up with our companion. This was a relief to have a relaxing night.

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