Kiss You

Maddie and Liz are sisters who move to London after tragedy strikes their lives. What will happen when they meet One Direction and fall in love.

My sister and I are writing this, and it's our first Movella. Please let us know what you think!! Suggestions are helpful. :)


13. The Date

A/N: Hey, it's Liz. I'm sorry it's been a while since we updated. It's my fault! So, this is a longer chapter than usual. Hope you enjoy it!!! :)


Liz’s POV

The next morning, I woke up pretty early. After I realized that it was only 6:30, I got up and went to make some breakfast for everyone. When I walked into the kitchen, I smelled the start of pancakes. Who else was up at this hour? Harry stood in front of the stove with his back to me attempting to make pancakes. I had decided to not hold a grudge, and forget about what happened. We were going to have an amazing day today, so why darken it by being moody just to prove a point? I tiptoed up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He let out a little screech, jumped and dropped the spatula he was using. I stepped back and started giggling uncontrollably.

“Hey! That wasn’t nice! I was trying to make breakfast!” he said trying to sound mad.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.” I was still giggling. We decided to make the rest of breakfast together, which was absolutely adorable. We were onto the last few pancakes, giggling and carrying on, when we heard someone yell “AWWWWW”, and run back out of the kitchen. By the flash of blonde hair, I knew it was my sister. I rolled my eyes as she dragged Niall and everyone else into the kitchen.

“They’re getting along!” Niall yelled. He was jumping up and down like a little kid.

“Don’t embarrass them, Niall” Suzie snapped as she gave us both a smirk.

“Oh shut up and sit down guys, breakfast is ready.” I set the plates down on the table and everyone dug in. I finished quickly and pulled Harry aside.

“When do we leave and what should I wear?” I asked.

“We leave in about an hour, and wear something…. You don’t mind getting wet.” He smirked.

I had no clue what he was up to, but I was a little scared. He said we were leaving so early because it was a bit of a drive to where we were going. Since I didn’t even know my way around London completely, I didn’t even have a chance to guess where we were going. Hmmm… something I don’t mind getting wet… well I knew it wasn’t an amusement park. It was almost February, so those were all closed.

I decided to give up and focus on my outfit. I called Suzie and my sister in to help. We looked through my entire closet and found pretty much nothing that I was willing to sacrifice. I was going to wear my old skinny jeans and my navy Toms but I didn’t have any tops that weren’t dressy. Then I got an idea. I snuck into Harry’s room and grabbed his “Hipsta Please” shirt.  

I walked back into my room and changed into it. Maddie and Suzie burst out laughing.

“YES!” Suzie yelled between her giggles.

I grabbed a jacket and walked to the living room. Harry looked at my ensemble and smirked. He walked over to me, grabbed me around the waist and whispered, “I think I may let you keep that shirt, Love. VERY sexy.” He pecked me on the lips, much to my surprise. He pulled away and winked. When he left to go get ready everybody surrounded me.

Liam- “So you’ve decided to forgive him then?”

Zayn- “I’m happy for you two. This is lovely.”

Niall- “GAHHH you guys are back together!!!”

Louis- “Just don’t be too loud when you officially makeup later.”

Suzie- “Guys give her space.”

Maddie- “Where’s he taking you?”

I backed away from them slowly as they said everything at once. “Guys. Sh.” I will answer your questions one at a time. First of all- Louis- SHUT UP. Why do you think everyone is always having sex? Jesus. Liam… I’ve mostly forgiven him, but- Niall this answers your question too- we’re not back together. We were never “together” in the first place technically. And Zayn, thank you.” I smiled at him.

“YOU DIDN’T ANSWER ME!!” Maddie yelled.

“I don’t know where he’s taking me Mads, geez!” I yelled at her.

Harry came back into the room in black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Typical Harry outfit. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the door, yelling goodbye to everyone. I grabbed my bag off the counter just as he yanked me through the doorway.

When we got downstairs and saw the paps it hit me that even though Harry and I had been close to dating when we first met, we had never gone out in public as a couple. This was definitely going to stir up some controversy. Harry looked at me reassuringly right before we stepped into the flashing lights. People were screaming all around me. I was holding Harry’s hand at first, but he let go to sign some things. As soon as he let go, I got yanked to the floor. Standing above me there was a girl, probably my sister’s age, sneering at me.

“Harry’s mine bitch. You better stay away from him.” And with that she spat towards me. Luckily I dodged it. I couldn’t even see Harry anymore, because the crowd had gone around me to get to him. Then I heard him screaming my name.

“Liz?! Liz?! Where are you?!” he sounded panicked. My heart melted a little, and then I came to my senses and struggled to get up. Someone had stepped on my ankle so I was limping, and I had quite a few bruises by the time the crowd parted so I could see him. He took one look at me and picked me up, leaving the crowd behind. He didn’t put me down until he had set me in the passenger seat of the car.

Neither of us said anything for the first ten minutes of the drive. I decided to break the silence.

“I’m fine Harry. Really.”

“Then why are you limping? Why do you have scratches and bruises all over you? You’re too fragile, I shouldn’t have let you out of my sight. I shouldn’t have let go of your hand.” There were tears forming in his eyes. This boy really did care about me. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek softly.

“Getting to be with you today will make it worth it.” I smiled at him.


He wasn’t kidding when he said it was a bit of a drive. After about an hour and a half, he made me put a blindfold on. I did, and about ten minutes later, the car stopped. He helped me out of the car, and I leaned on him heavily since my ankle still hurt. We walked into a building, that much I could tell. But I still had no clue where we were. After a confusing maze of twists and turns, I started hearing what sounded like people swimming. But then there were other noises… where were we?

Harry told me to take off my shoes, and I felt him roll up my jeans so that they were above my ankles. Then we got back up, and I felt water on my feet. I shrieked at first. I didn’t think we were going IN the water.

“Alright, Love, be careful. It’s gonna be really really slippery.” After a couple more steps he stopped me. “Now crouch down slowly, be careful.”

He took my hand in his and we touched something. It was slimy and wet, but really smooth. An animal of some sort. I felt him reach up into my hair and untie the blindfold. As my eyes adjusted, I found myself face to face with an unbelievably beautiful dolphin. I looked at him in shock.

“Harry! Dolphins are my favorite animals! What is this place??”

“I know they are. How’s your ankle feeling babe?”

“It’s alright, why? Harry answer me!” He pointed over to two wetsuits hanging up on a railing. I started screeching. “WE GET TO SWIM WITH THEM???”

“Yes we do. For as long as you want.” He smiled down at me. I reached up and kissed him full on the mouth. I couldn’t believe that he had done this for me. This was amazing. I’ve wanted to swim with dolphins since literally before I could remember.

After we changed into our wetsuits, we got into the water slowly. The dolphins were so friendly, it was insane. I was playing ball with them! I literally felt like I was in a dream. I stayed in the water with them for well over an hour. After about 45 minutes, I realized that Harry was missing. He had been right next to me literally two minutes ago. I looked around, and found him at the edge of the pool, taking pictures of me playing with them. I smiled at him. Then the trainer offered to take a picture of both of us with the dolphins. After that, I decided it was probably time to leave. My skin was wrinkly from being in there so long.

Once we had changed and thanked everyone at the aquarium, we got back into the car. I scooted over to Harry and kissed him. I really did care for him. And if he had gone to the lengths of setting today up, he really cared too. I wanted to be his. I wanted him to be mine. The kisses got more passionate, and he reached underneath my shirt. I stopped his hand.

“I am not doing this in a car, Styles.” He quickly started the car and drove us home. When we pulled into our parking garage he picked me up bridal style and carried me into the house. We walked past everyone in the living room and went straight to my room.

He threw me onto the bed, and soon, I knew he was mine.

As we laid together afterwards, I snuggled up to him.

“Thank you so much for today Harry. It meant SO much to me. I love you.” I didn’t care if he said it back or not. I meant it.

“I love you too, Liz.” He said. He kissed the top of my head, and we fell asleep like that.  


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