Kiss You

Maddie and Liz are sisters who move to London after tragedy strikes their lives. What will happen when they meet One Direction and fall in love.

My sister and I are writing this, and it's our first Movella. Please let us know what you think!! Suggestions are helpful. :)


2. The Break-Up

After a few months go by, the girls get a call from a close friend named Suzie. Suzie lives in London and has a very successful career in photography. The girls have known her since they were babies and Suzie has found out from Liz via text, that their mom, dad and brother have been killed.

While Liz is on the phone, Maddie goes through the mortgage to the house and all the utilities and sees that they cant afford to live here anymore. After Liz gets off the phone, she sees Maddie crying.

“what’s wrong?” Liz says.

“We cant afford anything anymore. We cant afford this house, we cant afford anything for it. We barely have food in out cupboards and fridge. We need to figure something else out.” Maddie replies.

“Well I just talked Suzie, and she said she is more than welcome to invite us over to London. She is looking for a new flat and she said that maybe we could live over there with her.”

“I guess we could use that money that Mom and Dad left us to get over there and get us by for a couple weeks. But then we have to get jobs. Maybe you can call Suzie later and we could set up when we will be leaving and everything.”

“ok. For now just calm down. I know what makes you happy.” Liz smiles and goes over to the stereo and turns on a One Direction cd. Maddie immediately smiles and starts singing to “C’mon C’mon”.

Later that night, Liz calls Suzie and decides that we could go over to London next week. So the next few nights are all about packing. The girls planned on leaving Wednesday and because everything was happening all at once, Maddie totally had forgotten about Clayton. Maddie decided to plan a time to meet up with Clayton and telling him the news on Monday.

When Maddie got to Starbucks Coffee House, she was immediately greeted by a worried Clayton.

“What’s wrong babe? Is everything ok?”

“Clayton, we need to talk.”

“Oh no, Maddie you’re not….I thought put it on right. Im sorry, I promise we will make this ok-”

“Clayton! Its not that, everything is fine in that department as far as I know. Look, my sister and I were going through our bills yesterday, and we found out that what were doing is just not working. We have to find somewhere else to live-”

“Maddie, please no…I cant live without you.”

“Clayton, I love you but Liz and I are moving to London. You don’t need to know about everything else but…look long-distance relationships don’t work especially if were in different countries-”

“Are you saying that were over?”

“Clayton, I will never forget you. I’m sorry.”

And Maddie left with tears streaming down here face. Liz waited outside and knew that Maddie was not going to be easy with this. They went to see a movie after to try and get her mind off of the whole break up situation.

After the movie, they went home and Maddie immediately went to her room, locked her door and blasted one direction’s sad songs.

In the morning, they went to the airport and boarded their plane. As both the girls left their home country, both of them looked back on the good and bad memories. This was the last time they would see the US

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