Kiss You

Maddie and Liz are sisters who move to London after tragedy strikes their lives. What will happen when they meet One Direction and fall in love.

My sister and I are writing this, and it's our first Movella. Please let us know what you think!! Suggestions are helpful. :)


19. Getting Ready for Tour

A/N: Hey guys.... do you hate me yet? SO sorry it's taken forever to update, life has been absolutely crazy. We will be updating at least once a week from now on, promise. As always, thanks for reading, we love you! xx <3



Harry's POV

I fell asleep on the couch that night. I wanted to be able to hear when she came in the next morning. Even though I knew she was okay, I just really needed to have her in my arms. Things had been so fucked up between us before, and it was finally right again. It can't get ruined now, not when we've basically just started. I just needed to tell her I loved her, and we could get back to normal. 

My eyes shot open as I heard the front door open. I could tell she was trying to be quiet, but I sat up quickly. She jumped back, almost falling into the wall behind her. 

"Jesus Harry, don't do that! You scared me!"

"Sorry babe." 

I crossed the room in just a few strides and gathered her up into my arms. 

"I'm so glad you're okay." I pulled back so that I could see her face. "You know I love you SO so much, right? We can't ever let that happen again." 

"I know, I know. I love you too sweetie. Thankfully we'll be going on tour soon, and the chance of him honestly being able to keep track of our schedule is slim." She tried reassuring me, but her voice was really shaky. I could tell that she was still scared by what happened. 

"C'mon. Why don't we put on some tea and coffee, and we'll have breakfast, and then we can pack." I knew all she needed was a distraction for now. Once we were out of London, I think she'll be able to breathe a little easier. She smiled up at me and took my hand, leading me into the kitchen. That was more like it. 


Liz's POV

Four hours later, I had seen everyone, and had enough hugs and kisses to last me for the next 80 years. At the moment, Harry and I were staring at our bed, which was now covered in a mound of our clothes. We looked at each other, then back to the bed. I sighed, deciding to be dramatic. 

"I give up! I'm done! I'm not going on tour. I refuse to part with all these clothes." Harry moved to tickle me, and I jumped on top of the pile of clothes. Somehow, Harry ended up with a pair of his own boxers on his head, and my laughter made him chase me. I ran out of the room, running into the middle of the living room, where everyone else was watching TV. Everyone stared at us. 

"Harry, what the actual fuck is on your head?" Suzie raised an eyebrow. He turned beat red as he realized not only did he have his boxers on his head, but in his haste in trying to catch me, he also managed to pick up one of my bras. He looked absolutely ridiculous. 

Now any good, sympathetic girlfriend would have gone over and helped him, yelling at everyone else to stop making fun of him. I, however (being me), fell on the floor laughing. So Louis, being the best friend he is picked me up, and literally just handed me over to Harry.

"Damn it Lou! Not fair!" I yelled as Harry threw me over his shoulder and started back towards our room. Louis just stuck his tongue out and laughed. Yep, things were definitely back to normal. 


"Okay guys I need everyone in the living room please!" Liam yelled. All of the sudden there was just a mess of nine people, all attempting to make their way through the flat. 

"Alright guys, I just got a call from Simon. I hope you're all almost packed, because we leave for America in three days. They moved it up because of this whole Clayton business. They think it's a good idea not only to get us out of here, but to let us have some quality holiday time before we have to start doing things." Liam said. We all nodded. 

As Harry and I started packing for the rest of the night, I sent out a tweet-- @LizzieXoXo: seriously cannot wait to get on tour with @Harry_Styles! I'd tag everyone, but Twitter won't let me say that much. There's so many of us!! :P

I was still absolutely amazed, even after six months, that less than a minute later, it had thousands of RTs. 


Sorry this was kinda short, I'm hoping for longer chapters once the "tour" starts. Hang in there! Thank for reading lovelies. :)


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