Kiss You

Maddie and Liz are sisters who move to London after tragedy strikes their lives. What will happen when they meet One Direction and fall in love.

My sister and I are writing this, and it's our first Movella. Please let us know what you think!! Suggestions are helpful. :)


25. Drunk

*So I just wanted to let you guys know, this is the last chapter before the sequel. I have no idea what the name of it will be, but I will let you guys know. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've been on vacation and I might not update for another couple weeks again, but I will be doing this chapter and one other chapter on the sequel in the mean time. The only other "chapter" for this movella, is going to be the sequel info, so watch for that.*

Maddie's POV

I woke up to Niall's hand laying on my stomach, and all the memories from last night came flooding back. I smirked as I ran them through my head. When I was just about to get up, I heard yelling. It sounded like Harry and Liz. What did that boy do now? I started shaking Niall to wake him up.

"10 more minutes. Please." He mumbled, in his sexy morning voice.

"No Niall, get the fuck up now." I replied, in a hush tone.

"Wow, those hormones are kicking in fast. What's wrong?"

"I think Harry and Liz are fighting again. Please come with me to go see what's going on?"

"Fine." He said, groaning.

We walked downstairs to find plates shattered on the floor and Liz sitting on the floor, crying.

"Niall, go find that fucking kid and get him in here now."

He walked away without hesitating. I guess he knew enough not to make a pregnant girl mad. I sat on the floor next to Liz.

"Come here, hun. Tell me everything that happened."

Once she told me what happened, I got up and started hunting for him. I'm going to fucking kill him.

Liz's POV

*when everything started*

Harry had been gone for awhile. He told me that he was going out with one of his friends from high school, and I let him go. All night and now morning, I was just kinda bored. I had gotten home from the mall earlier, but I don't think anyone noticed. I dropped Harry off before coming back here to make it easier for him. A couple minutes later, I heard the door slam shut and then someone coming up the stairs. The door opened, revealing a very drunk Harry.

"Hello Harry. How was your evening?" I said.

"Oh it was just fine, but I wish you were there."

"Oh no, I couldn't interfere with old friends uniting."

"Hey, what do you say we get in bed and continue my fantastic night."

"Harry, its 7 o'clock in the morning. Your drunk and you need to go to sleep."

He shoved me against the wall, well I tried pushing him away.

"Did you just tell me no?"

"Yea Harry, I did. Now go lay down and get off of me."

I tried squirming out of his grip, but he just wouldn't let go. What the hell?

"Your going to obey to my orders or something very bad is going to happen." He said.

I tried with all my strength to get away.

"Harry, stop."

He then slapped me right across the face. I got out of his grip and ran downstairs. He ran after me, apologizing after realizing what he just did.


He tried to come near so I threw a plate at his head, but he ducked so it just hit the wall and shattered.

"Liz, I'm sorry. I never should've done that."

"Get the fuck out of this house, asshole."

He finally obeyed MY orders and walked out the back doors into the back yard. I sat down and just started crying. He tried to rape me and then he HIT me. I heard two people come down the stairs, assuming it was Maddie and Niall. Maddie rushed over to my side while telling Niall to go get Harry, but not in a very nice way. She started calming me down and asked me what happened. I told her everything.

Maddie's POV

I was really going to kill this kid. After looking around for a couple minutes, I go to the backyard and find Niall screaming at harry.

"Get your shit together, or get out. When I say get out, I mean the house and the band." He yelled, then walked towards me.

We walked back into the kitchen where Liz was sitting. I lifted up her shirt to see a really big bruise and red marks everywhere.

*Ok, so I will update for the sequel hopefully tomorrow. Give me some names for it. I will post the info in a new "chapter" on this story and then you can read it :) And sorry if this was a bad chapter, but let me know what you think :) Follow me on twitter @1D_lover0723 and thanks for reading! :)*

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