Kiss You

Maddie and Liz are sisters who move to London after tragedy strikes their lives. What will happen when they meet One Direction and fall in love.

My sister and I are writing this, and it's our first Movella. Please let us know what you think!! Suggestions are helpful. :)


15. Big Interview

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Niall's POV

She said YES!!!! I was so excited I could barely stand it. We laid together afterward, and talked about it. We agreed that it would be a long engagement. We had months of touring coming up, and we were both still young. We were happy to be engaged, and we wanted to be able to enjoy that first, and then move on to the married life.

When we got got home, Maddie screamed for everyone to come to the living room. After everyone was seated, she smiled really wide and looked at me.

"We have an announcement for you guys.." I started.

"Niallaskedmetomarryhimwhenwewereatthebeachandtheringisabsolutelygorgeous!!!!" she said all in one breath.

"WHAAAAATT??" Liz and Suzie screamed. They ran over to her and started admiring the ring, while I went over and sat with the guys.

"So you actually did it! Congrats man!" Liam said.

"Yeah that's awesome!" Harry added, clapping me on the back.

"You see Niall, now I look bad, and now El's gonna want a ring damn it!" Louis said, sticking his tongue out. Then he smirked.

"What's that look for Louis?" I said, eyeing him. He just smiled. I heard a door close in another part of the flat. El came walking out with a huge smile.

"Niall! Maddie! You're home! Guess what??" Maddie and I just looked at her expectantly. "LOUIS PROPOSED!!!" she yelled.

"OH MY GOD!!! SO DID NIALL!!!" Maddie screamed back.

"AAAHHHHH!!!!" they screamed in unison, admiring each other's rings.

"Well lads, it looks like we're going to have quite the interview tomorrow. 5/5 are taken and 2/5 are engaged. I'm glad we get to announce it on Alan Carr. He's a top lad." Zayn said looking around at us.

We all sat back and thought about it for a moment before deciding to turn in for the night. We all retreated to our rooms as couples. Except for poor Zayn. But Perrie's plane got in tomorrow morning and we were picking her up on the way to the interview. We'd have all of the girlfriends/ fiances with us for the tour! Tomorrow was going to be a hell of a day.

Liz's POV

The next morning we woke up around 8:30 and started to get ready. The boys told all of the girls to dress as if we may be included in the interview, just in case Alan Carr wanted us on stage after the announcements. So while the boys wouldn't be awake until ten, all of the girls were up and getting ready.

I slipped into a tight fitting pink dress that flared out at the waist. Then I pulled on black heels, and a whole bunch of jewelry. I curled my hair and put on a little bit of makeup. After looking in the mirror and being satisfied with my appearance, I went to go find Maddie. She had on a navy blue dress, with cream colored heels and pearl jewelry. She was ready too. We moved on to Suzie, who was just stepping out of her room in a red dress, paired with black heels and some funky jewelry. El wasn't in her room, so we went downstairs to find her ready and looking through the cupboards. She wore a cream colored dress, with black heels, and a lot of really sparkley jewelry.

"There's nothing for breakfast, and we're out of coffee." she said.

"Damn it. And we're already in our interview clothes." I said. "But wait... Isn't the Starbucks like right down the street? We could drive there and just get something really quick."

Everyone agreed, and we piled into the car careful not to mess up our dresses. When we got to Starbucks we ordered and the lady was looking at us like we were insane. What? We had to get enough food for Niall so he wouldn't steal ours! We piled back into the car and got back to the flat just as the boys were waking up.

"We have breakfast and coffee, better hurry up and get ready if you want some!" El called. "3,2,1...." she said quieter. We all looked at her confused, but just as she got to 1, Niall came running in, still pulling on his red hoodie.

"Where's breakfast?!" he yelled.

"Wow, Niall, good morning to you too, husband-to-be." Maddie said sarcastically. Niall ran over to her and kissed her.

"I'm sorry. Good morning princess." She smiled and continued to eat her breakfast. The rest of the boys came in looking exhausted. Except for Zayn, who was bouncing of the walls.

"What time is it? When do we leave? When will the car be here?" he asked.

"Geez Zayn." Suzie said.

"The car will be here in about a half hour, Zayn. Now sit down and eat your breakfast." Liam scolded.

"Yes, dad." Zayn sulked.

The car arrived at the airport and we decided to let Zayn go in by himself, since having all of us go in would have attracted too much attention. All of us girls were excited to finally meet Perrie (aside from El of course, she already knew her). She was all Zayn talked about and I thought she was an absolutely amazing singer. So when we saw them coming back out hand in hand, we all got even more excited.

"Where are all my lovely ladies at?" She exclaimed, climbing into the car. She smiled at all of us. "I'm Perrie. I've heard so much about you ladies!"

"I"m Liz!" I said smiling, offering a hand.

"I'm Suzie."

"I'm Maddie!" Maddie exclaimed, smiling big. We were both huge fans.

"Ah, so you're Niall's new fiance! Nice to meet all of you! El, I hear you and Lou are engaged now too! This is amazing!" We all broke out into babbles, talking about the things that Perrie had missed while she was away. Zayn looked so happy. I liked this. I liked having all ten of us together. It was like we all clicked. We were already becoming a family.

We pulled up to the studio, and there were loads of fans outside. I started to get nervous. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the car. Once all 10 of us were outside, a silence fell over the crowd. No screaming, no crying, just a shocked silence. We continued on inside, and were directed to a large dressing room. Before we knew it, the boys were being called to the stage. All of the girls went to the wings next to the stage so that we could watch. The boys stood at the top of the stairs, ready for their cue to go out.

Alan introduced them, and they settled onto the large couch. Once drinks were passed around, the interview started.

"So, you guys are about to start your tour in just two weeks! Are you ready?" Alan asked.

"Yeah, I think we've had enough down time at this point, wer're just ready to get back out there and please our fans." Louis responded.

"That's lovely... Now you're going to have a TV crew follow you this time, and there's going to be a documentary show about your tour. How excited are you for that?"

And the interview continued like that for a while.

"Now I hear you all have an announcement for us, and I've been just dying this whole interview thinking about it. So let's hear it."

"Well it's a rather big announcement, so I'd like to ask that everyone in the studio let us all finish before making noise." Liam said. Everyone agreed and they looked between them to decide who would go first.

"Well, I now have a lovely lady in my life. Her name is Liz. I met her about 6 months ago, on a beach just outside of London. We're very very happy together, and I'm so glad I get to call her mine." Harry said. I smiled. He looked so adorable out there. He was even blushing. Liam cleared his throat next.

"And I've also got a lady in my life. We met the same way that Liz and Harry did. Suzie is all I could ever ask for, and I'm such a lucky guy." he said. I looked over at Suzie and she had her hand over her heart, smiling at him.

"Well most of you know that I'm dating Perrie from Little Mix. We are still going strong and we're happier than ever!" Zayn smiled.

Louis and Niall looked at each other.

"I think we have the biggest announcements of all. I suppose I'll go first. As most of you know I've been dating Maddie for about 6 months now. And I am SO excited to be able to tell you, that we are now engaged!" Niall was almost yelling by the end, which made Maddie smile.

"And everyone knows that El and I have been in a relationship for a couple of years now. We are also now engaged, and we are insanely excited!" Louis exclaimed, throwing his arm around Niall. The audience erupted with applause and cheers. There were so many people shouting "Congratulations!" it wasn't even funny.

"Now THAT is what I call a big announcement! Are all of your lovely ladies here?" Alan asked. The boys all nodded enthusiastically. "What do you say, do you want to see these lucky ladies?!" The audience erupted with more applause and cheers. The boys came over and got us.

Just when I thought it was impossible for it to get louder in here, it did. As soon as we were all out on stage, the screaming hit an all time high. We all waved and sat on the couch, with the boys standing behind us.

"So ladies, what is it like being the women in their lives?"

"It's quite hectic." El started.

"It's a lot like being around five little kids." Maddie continued.

"Yeah. A lot of cleaning up after them and scolding." I laughed.

"But that's what makes us a family." Perrie said.

"Yeah! I mean we just met Perrie about an hour and a half ago and she already feels like my sister." Suzie finished.

"So are you all going on tour with them then?" he asked. All ten of us started nodding our heads.

"Well then this documentary is going to be amazing!"

"Actually, Liz, Maddie, and Suzie are all working on that documentary." El said.

"Really?! What're you doing for it?"

"Well Maddie is joining Lou Teasdale's team of stylists, Suzie is a photographer, and I'll be writing press realeases and conducting most of the interviews." I told him.

"Well, make sure you make it interesting ladies! I'm so happy to meet all of you, and I wish you good luck in all of your relationships. But right now, I have to kick their asses in a danceoff again!" He laughed.

We laughed as well, and kissed the boys good luck before walking off stage. As soon as we were off camera, we all started hugging each other.

"Well done ladies." Paul said. We thanked him and went back into the dressing room, and watched the boys making fools of themselves on the screen. By the time they finally came back in, we were rolling around laughing at their horrible dance moves.

"Hey shut up!" they all yelled. We continued laughing as we walked out to the car. It was short lived however because when we all climbed in, we realized that we weren't the only ones in the car.

With horrified looks between one another, we realized that something was up, because the person sitting across from us did not show up for no reason.

It was Simon.


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