Kiss You

Maddie and Liz are sisters who move to London after tragedy strikes their lives. What will happen when they meet One Direction and fall in love.

My sister and I are writing this, and it's our first Movella. Please let us know what you think!! Suggestions are helpful. :)


3. A New Beginning

The girls arrived in London on Thursday early in the morning after leaving at 8 in the morning on Wednesday. They immediately were greeted Suzie who was going crazy because they hadn’t seen each other in so long. After all the excitement was over, they loaded into Suzie’s car and went to a restaurant in London for lunch called “Nando’s”. The girls had to go there because of how much it reminded them of Niall from One Direction.

The flat that they arrived at after their amazing lunch, was beautiful and exactly what they were looking for. It had three huge bedrooms, one for each of the girls, a guest bedroom, three full bathrooms, a living room, and an amazing kitchen. It had all the space they needed and each of them only had to pay 64.68 a month which was very cheap. Maddie, Liz and Suzie took and settled in, moving their stuff in, as well as getting ready for the big house party they were having later on in the evening.

Once everyone was settled, Suzie called up everyone she knew and told them about the party. People started arriving in groups and right off the bat, Maddie noticed someone. He was cute, seemed talkative and noticed her looking at him.

“Now, why is someone so beautiful like you, standing around here, alone.” He said.

“I don’t really know anyone since I’m kind of new around here.” Maddie replied.

“Well, I’m Travis and I think that, just because you new around here, doesn’t mean that you cant talk to anyone new.”

“I’m Maddie and I don’t really like talking to a lot of people. I’m not really someone who talks at parties. I drink and act stupid but almost never talk.”

“Well you know me and I think that you are the best talker I have ever met. What do you say we go get out of here. I know this café down the street and its getting kind of crazy in here.”

Maddie agreed and off they went.

Back at the party, Suzie and Liz were getting kind of tired of people already. They had gotten beer all over the floors and of course the girls had to clean it up. Yea, you should expect beer to be spilled at a party, but not as many times as it happened. Eventually, the girls kicked everyone out and started cleaning. They were too tired to finished so they passed out in the living room, totally forgetting about Maddie.

At the café, Travis and Maddie were talking non-stop.

“Hey, you wanna go back to my place?” Travis said, probably hoping to get laid.

“I don’t usually do one-night stands. And I just got out of a complicated relationship so I don’t think I’m ready.”

“Well, can I at least walk you home?” Travis said, feeling bad.


On the way home, Maddie had told Travis all that went down in America before she left. He seemed like he felt bad but he was definitely a better talker than a listener. They arrived at her flat and he kissed her lightly on the cheek. Then, Travis walked away without saying anything.

Maddie walked into the flat, laughing at the girls who were passed out. She looked around and smiled, since she knew there would be many more great memories here and it would be with her two best friends.

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