Meant to Be

Who would have thought being punched in the face would lead to the most greatest moments in life... When Liv wins 3 tickets to a 1D premier he finds herself in for more then she bargained for.


2. What happened to me?

2 weeks had passed since I had won the tickets and the Premire was just around the corner. I don't realize that the Premire was on my birthday! They didn't say when it was until I picked up the tickets. I had won 3 and I deffinatly knew who I was going to take, Didg and Bella. Friday fApril 7th was here and there was only one day left! I was so excited for tomorrow. This were going perfect now and I was hoping they stayed that way. Everything was ready to go and all I had left to do was wait for the girls to come over. At 8:30 pm both of them arrived. We couldn't stop talking bout it...
"I'm so excited! What should I wear? What if Louis noticed me? I have to look good for him!" 
"Calm down Didg! Your not the only one who needs to look good for them! I have my future husband to impress!"
"Guys calm down! You wouldn't be here without me!" 
"True.., but still we have to look good." 
Hours passed and it was about 11:30 pm we had an early start so we headed off to bed. I had set an alarm for 8:00 in the morning so we had 3 and a half hours to get get dressed and get to the entertainment centre. 

Next Morning
'Beep, Beep, Beep'
I heard my alarm almost instantly and dived out of my sleeping bag. 
"WAKE UP! We're going to the Premire today!" 
"We are aren't we!" screamed Didg
"Yeaah!" Yelled Bella
We ran upstairs and grabbed our most nicest clothing. Didg wore tye-dye high waisted shorts with a tight singlet with the union jack on it tucked in. Bella wore Blue shirts with loose flowing flower patterned singlet. I wore a high waisted white mullet skirt with an apricot mid-riff tight tee-shirt. We went into the bathroom and did our hair all nicely and applied a small amount of natural looking make-up (so we didn't look fake for the boys). By the time we had finished getting ready it was one to leave for the train. We arrived at the train station at 11:00 and the train came at 5 past. It took 10 minutes to get to our destination which was good. When we got there it wasen't that packed suprisingly. We gave this scary looking security man our tickets and headed for the barriers. We got spots right near the door so when One Direction come they will see us right at the front. The time flew by and it was 11:30. We were so excited when we saw a massive white limo pull up at the end of the carpet. The crowed went wild when the driver opened the door and out stepped Niall, then Louis, then Zayn, then Liam and then Harry! OMG we were starstruck when they headed out way. 
"What should we say?"
"How should we act?"
"Guys calm down. Act cool and say nothing too embarrassing!"
"Zayn!!" we screamed.
He came towards us with the biggest grin on his gorgeous tan face.
"Hi girls, how are you?"
"Even better now your here." Bella blurted out. 
He let out a laugh and signed our posters.
The exact same thing happened with the others. 
Didg was mezmorized when Louis came over to talk to us. She had the biggest smile on her face and so did he. Was he blushing? Oh My God. Louis is flirting with Didg!! When Louis left Harry headed our way! He was beautiful. Not being weird or anything but he really was. The way his brown curls bounced as he walked and his beautiful green eyes sparkled as the light hit them.
" Hey there Love. What brings you here today?" he said with his cheeky accent. I wasent quite sure who he was talking to until we made eye contact. He was talking to me. Wow Harry Edward Styles called me love!
" Why no other reason then to see you boys of course!" 
"Good answer!" he said winking at me while he countinued to sign my poster. They had all gone inside and that was it. No one stayed. Except Didg, Bella, this girl behind us and I. The girl behind us seemed so lonely so I decided to talk to her.
"Hi I'm Liv. What's your name?"
"I'm Lily."
"So big One Direction fan are you?" I asked
"Ohh ok..."
Just as I turned around my ballet flat fell off my foot. 
"Would you like me to hold your posters for you?" Asked Lily 
"Oh it ok I've got them." 
"No I insist." she said with an eager tone. 
Before I could even react I felt a hot burning sensation in my left cheek, then I could feel the posters being taken from me and then "BANG!" I hit the ground. I wasen't quite sure what had happened when I heard screaming and yelling then all of a sudden I saw Harry running towards me picking me up bridal style... Then everything went black...

My eyes slowly opened to Didg and Bella lookin over me like a couple I hawks staring not takin there eyes off me. 
"What happened to me?" I complained while trying to fight off the pain in my cheek and head.
"Your in the entertainment centre. You were hit by this girl and on your way down you hit your head aswell." The voice was so familiar but it wasen't any of the girls... Who could it be? I turned my head to face the back of the couch and there they were. Leaning over me just like Didg and Bella... 

One Direction... 
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