Meant to Be

Who would have thought being punched in the face would lead to the most greatest moments in life... When Liv wins 3 tickets to a 1D premier he finds herself in for more then she bargained for.


14. Same Date. Same Venue. No Refunds.

Great news!! Bella's out of hospital. They released her literally 20 minutes after Liam left last night. It was too late to call then, but I though I'd call this morning. I scrolled through my contacts an found Liam's name. I clicked on it and it started to ring, but coinsadentaly someone else phone started vibrating from the side table in Bella's empty hospital room. I walked over to it still with the phone against my ear, it was then I realized that it was Liam's phone. He had left it here last night, he was charging it. I hung up realising there was no point in letting it continue to ring only to see my name flash up on the screen infront of me. I again scrolled through my contacts and found Maes name. I hope she still wasen't mad at me or Didg or Liam for that fact. If she had locked him out or something that would be terrible. He wouldn't have had a phone to call on or a car to drive somewhere in. I pressed her name, bracing myself for what there was to come.
"Mae! It's Liv. Great news!! Bella's out of hospital."
"Wow that's fantastic. When did they release her?"
I felt kind of bad telling her she was released last night and that I hadent told them.
"Uhhh. Last night." I dully replied
"Wow! That's really great. How is she?"
"She's doing really well. Look Mae I'm really sorry about what happen yesterday. I don't really know the whole story but Liam briefly told us why you left. And also I'm sorry for not calling you as soon as she got out. It was really late and I didn't want to wake you. Also one more thing... Liam left his phone at the hospital."
"Aww sweety it's fine. I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't mean to it was just a spare of the moment sort of thing. And I'll tell him. And also it's fine, when can we come and see her?"
"Well she was told to go home and rest for at least 24-48 hours and not have to much commotion, so maybe not until Thursday."
"Sounds great. Well I'll call you later so we can catch up yeah?"
"Awesome. Talk to you later love bye." I hung up and took Liam's phone and charger. I walked at the door and was met by harry.
"Is there anything else in the room babe?" He asked me taking the bags I held in my hands.
"There's a few more bags but I can get them."
"You sure?"
"Yeah. I'm fine, I'll see you at the car."
"Sure babe, if you need me call me alright?"
I nodded and he kissed my cheek. I smiled and walked back into the room. I picked up the remaining suitcase and couple of other 'little things' on the side table. Harry ran to grab the bags when he saw me come out of the automatic doors.
"You do know I am still capable of carrying a couple of bags Harry." I ask with my hands on my hips
"Yeah, I know but I'm just looking out for my beautiful fiancé and beautiful baby." He smiled
"Alright just aslong as you don't become my full on slave, deal?"
We got in the car and drove to Bella and Zayns place. Hopefully everyone can start again.

*3 months later*
Livs POV
"Harreeh" I whined
"What's the craving this time babe?"
"Nutella." I replied
Seconds later Harry comes out with a giant jar of the delicious, smooth hazelnut spread.
"Thank you." I said giving a light peck on the lips
He smiled and went back to the kitchen to continue with dinner. I was now over 6 months pregnant and my baby bump was starting to get pretty big. When I stand up I can't see my feet, which is why Harry probably bought me a nighty saying 'Has anyone seen my Feet?' I didn't quite get it at first but when I tried it on it was then I realized what it meant. Bella's has been out of hospital now for around 3 months. She is so much better now which is good because I needed her to help with planning my wedding. It was coming up really quickly. Only 2 more weeks. I was so excited and so was Harry and everyone else for that matter. Things couldn't be better.
Bella's POV
"Zayn!" I screamed as he chased me around the house
"Stop running away from me!" He laughed
"Noo!!" I laughed
He kept chasing me around for another 5 minutes until he pinned me in a corner.
"I've got you now." He said grinning coming closer to me
I screamed when he grabbed me by my waist and picked me up.
"You've got me now." I smirked
He smiled at me and I kissed his lips sweetly. Things started to get heated quickly but we quickly broke apart when we heard Didg and Lou walking through the door.
"Louis Tomlinson no wa.... Oh um did we interrupt something?" Didg said noticing our facial expressions
"Ahh no course not, just umm ahh talking about umm Liv and Harry's weddig yeah that's all we were doing." I said hesatently
"Yeaah. Talking that was all I'm sure." Louis said walking into the apartment
Zayn and I both looked each other and cracked up laughing. We sat on the lounge. Didg and Louis joined us and started talking.
"Louis and I were talking last night and we realized that Liv and Harry haven't had an engagement party so we were thinking that we should throw them a surprise party. What do you think?" Didg started
"Yeah we could plan the whole thing in secret." Lou added
Zayn looked at me with that look he has when he thinks things are a good idea.
"That sound great!" Zayn jumped up
"Yeah totally. It means that Liv has one less thing to stress about." I added
We continued to talk about it for at least another hour. We made a few suggestions for places and finally decided on a really nice function centre called Charleston Function Centre. It was really fancy and elegant. We called up and booked in for August 17th. Seeing it was a very expensive place we had to place a non refundable deposite. Zayn gave his credit card details to the man on the other line and it was done. Louis told Zayn he would transfer half of how much the deposite was into his account. We were very proud of what we had done and surely Liv and Hazza would be to. My phone started to ring on the counter in the kitchen. I excused myself and walked to the kitchen. Speak of the Devil it was Liv.
"Hello." I said into the mouthpiece
"Bella! Guess What?"
I started to feel a little suss and to be honest a little worried about what she had to say.
"What?" I asked trying to sound excited
"Harry and I are having an engagement party!" She sounded so excited, I felt bad.
"Really? Where? When?" I asked trying to get as much information as I could.
"We booked in at that really fancy place umm what's it called?? Harry babe what's that nice place on the corner of that street? The one we are having our engagement party."
"Charleston Function Centre." I heard Harry say. My heart sunk.
"What date?" I asked
"Uhh August. Damn um I forgot. Harreeh."
"17th babe."
"Shit." I cursed
"What?" She ask confused
"Oh. Um. Nothing. Call us when you have more details."
"I gotta go."
I hung up the phone before she could continue.
"Guys we have a major problem." I screamed
They ran in with worried faces.
"What's happened?" Louis asked
"Same Date. Same Venue. No refunds." I said. Frozen.
They looked at me puzzled.
"Engagement. They're having an engagement party. At the same venue and same date as we have planned."
What were we going to do?
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