Meant to Be

Who would have thought being punched in the face would lead to the most greatest moments in life... When Liv wins 3 tickets to a 1D premier he finds herself in for more then she bargained for.


13. Please. Just no.

Liam's POV
Hours had gone by. Bella went into surgery about 10:00am and it was now 4:30. It was a complicated procedure according to rthe doctor but the risk rate was low. We were relieved when the doctor came into the waiting room.
"She is out of surgery now. She is awake but is in a lot of pain so please keep things calm and quiet."
The 8 of us stood up and followed the doctor. We looked through the window to see her lying there. The doctor opens the door and Bella turned we head in alarm. She winced in pain and the doctor went over to her.
"Miss Thomas take it easy. Sudden movement can affect how well the opdomotis works." He said sternly checking her pulse and heart rate. She didn't talk she just turned her attention to us. She smiled and looked back out the window. We all looked at each other in such confusion.
"One of the side affects of the ansesthesia is loss of voice but don't worry it's only temporarily." The doctor whispered as he walked out the door. Mae started to approach her but I pulled her back.
"What?" She said in an angry whisper.
"Let the Liv and Didg first."
"Why should I? I'm her friend too." She said gradually getting louder.
I took her arm and guieded her outside.
"Didg and Liv had known Bella there whole life, it's only fair they talk to her first."
"Seriously Liam everyone is going to get a chance to talk to her. Why do they have to be first."
"Please you don't understand just let them go first."
"You know what, never mind I'll just see you back at the flat."
Mae turned and left. I walked back in and everyone shot there heads around to see who it was. I stood back next to Niall. The room was silent, the only thing that making a noise was the machines.
"Bella? How are you feeling." Didg said to break the silence.
"Fine. A bit sore but fine." She replied slowly turning to face us. She gave us quick smile and the girls went over to her, one on each side giving her a hug. Once the girls had pulled away from the hug they came and stood back next to us. Zayn was next. He slowly approached her and she signaled for him to hurry up. He chuckled a bit and pretty much ran full speed to her side. They hugged and kissed, all that romantic stuff. They talked a bit and then Zayn stood back with us. The boys and I went to Bella next. We all gave her hugs and spoke to her. Surprisingly time had flown by and it was almost 10pm. We all decided to go home. We said goodnight to Bella and left. Mae had taken my car so I had to get a lift with Haz and Liv. I sat in the back seat while they talked all lovey, dovey about their wedding and the new baby. It was pretty interesting up until they would kiss every time we stopped at a traffic light. Finally we got to the flat. I thanked them and got out of the car. I pressed the elevator button to my floor. I turned to key to the front door.
"Mae. You in? Can we talk?"

Mae's POV
"You don't understand, please just let them go first."
"You know what, I'll see you back at the flat."
I was pretty upset. What's so special bout Liv and Didg. I'm her friend too. I hoped in Liam's car and drove back to the flat. I was actually pretty upset. Yeah I know that Liv and Didg are closer with Bella but still I'm her friend to and I just don't get why they had to go first. I wasen't looking forward to seeing Liam, he would probably have give me a big lecture about everything and how I shouldn't have approached her. I heard the front door open.
"Mae. You in? Can we talk?"
"Yeah." I bluntly replied
"Look I'm sorry about everything that happened at the hospital. I didn't mean for you to get upset."
He obviously knew I had been crying.
"I'm sorry Liam. It was just a spare of the moment thing."
Right then and there I burst into tears. Liam has never seen me like this, he has only ever once seen a little droplet of water spill from my eye when we watched Marley and Me but that was all. Now I was crying enough tears to start a waterfall. Liam took me in his arms and comferted me.
We head upstairs to bed and watch a movie. We decided on a walk to remember. I obviously fell asleep during the movie because I woke up tucked into the blankets after cuddling up to Liam. He wasen't in bed so I assumed he was in the kitchen due to all the noise. I walked out and he was making pancakes.
"Aww Liam!" I sqealled
"Morning Babe."
I walked over to Liam, I was about to give him a kiss when Liv's ringtone sounded from the bedroom. I ran to back to the room.
"Hello?" I asked

Authors Note- Hey guys sorry its so short. I've been writing his chapter on and off. Occasionally adding stuff to it. I promise I will keep writing the next chapter and make it really long Ohkay???
Thanks so much to everyone who has read my movella. It means a lot :)
Liv. <3 xox
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