Meant to Be

Who would have thought being punched in the face would lead to the most greatest moments in life... When Liv wins 3 tickets to a 1D premier he finds herself in for more then she bargained for.


7. I think so

Liv's POV
"Shut up!" I yelled to Bella in my croaky morning voice. 
Sorry that's all I get after being woken up. Harry started to laugh. I jumped completely forgetting I was sharing a bed with Harry. 
"Good Morning Beautiful."
"Morning Haz." 
"How'd you sleep Love?" I loved Harry morning voice it was so cute. 
"Fantastic til I was awoken by Bella yelling bout something. What bout you?"
"I slept great knowing I would wake up next to you."
I felt myself blush. Great I was going to be as red a tomato. Harry started to laugh. I was so embarrassed I probably went even more red. He push a lonely strand of hair from my face and looked into my eyes. He pulled me into a hug and whispered into my ear:
"I want to take you somewhere today." 
I must of looked like a complete idiot as I kept nodding like a maniac. I jumped out of bed and ran straight to the shower. I turned on the hot water and just stood there for ages. 
"Harry!" I called 
"Yes Liv."
"Do you have any shampoo and conditioner I can borrow?"
"Sure thing babe, one second. Here you are."
He handed me the shampoo and conditioner through a small opening in the door and shut it behind him as he went to get ready himself. His shampoo and conditioner smelt soooo good. I got out and grabbed a towel. 
"Arrrghhh!!" I screamed!
"What happened? What's wrong? Liv are you ok?"
"I'm fine Harry. I just realized I have no clothes!"
I stormed out the door only wrapped in a towel. I caught a glimps of Harry's face as I left the room. He looked like he was about to explode of laughter. I went into the sitting area were everyone was. 
"Didg, we have no clothes!" 
"Didnt you hear Bella this morning. We already went through this. Haha." 
"What am I supposed to do. I can't just wear a towel all day."
All the boys were laughing at how much I was over reacting. Harry was rolling around on the ground clutching his stomach with tears just freely flowing down his face.
"This isent a laughing matter boys... I'm dead serious." I said trying to hold back my laughter.
"You know you could just put of what you were wearing yesterday Liv." Niall suggested
"Ohh... Well... Ummm...this has now become extremely awkward so I'm gonna go get um changed..." I ran out of the room still holding my towel around me. I could still hear them all laughing hysterically. I changed and just sat on the floor of the bathroom. I felt like crying I was so embarrassed. I knew I shouldn't coz I go bright red and puffy after crying I also get a killer headache. I just sat there thinking of how much of an idiot I had looked. Then I heard a knock at the door.
"Liv are you ready to go? Look I'm really sorry for laughing at you. You just looked so cute and fighsty I couldn't help it. Please come out I promise everyone has gone back to there rooms and aren't coming out until we're gone."
I opened the door and Harry wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled me into a hug.
"I'm so sorry."
"It's ok Harry... I guess I did over react a bit to much."
He took my hand and we walked out to the sitting room. He was right no one was in the other room. He reached for the door handle and opened the door to a long, dark hallway. The building must have some power difficulties I thought. We pushed the button for the elevator and the door opened. We walked in and Harry pressed the button for the lobby.
" Harry, were are we going?"
"Well it wouldn't be much of a surprise if I told you now would it."
The elevator started for its decent then "BOOM!"
"What the hell was that?" I asked trying not to act too worried
"I don't know but the elevator stopped moving.
I started to panic. I hate going in this like elevators and escalators. They had always scared me ever since my mum and went out for lunch with family when I was a baby. The elevator got stuck and plummented down several floors then back up again. A small opening appeared at the top, someone climbed through and helped take up me and my pram. I was now really freaking out.
"Harry! What's happened. I'm freaking out Harry! We have to get out of here."
"Calm down Liv. It will be ok."
"How will it be? We are stuck in in bloody elevator."
"It's ok, as long as we stay clam we will be fine."
I took in what Harry had said. I calmed myself down a bit and slumped on the ground.
"We need help, we can't just stay here." I said with a worried expression
"We can call Lou."
"Yeeah great. Do you have his number?"
"Not on me. I left my phone on the bed side table."
"I can call Didg! She can tell the boys and they can get some help."
I unlocked my phone and went into contacts and searched Didg.
I pressed call and a recorded voice came on:
"You have no mobile signal. Please find a mobile signal and try again."
"Harry! There's no signal."
"Ohkay how about trying the help button on the elevator on the side there."
We both went to push the button our hands touched. 
"Oh sorry." I said looking away
"It's fine. You can press it." he said smiling.
I pressed it and nothing happened  "Why isent it working?" 
We both looked at each other puzzled. We decided after another several tries to give up. We ended up leaving it and hoped that someone would realize the elevator was stuck and get it working again. We sat there for literally hours and hours just talking about the most random stuff like how hungry Niall would be if he was stuck here and what would happen if the elevator was stuck like this forever.
This was the most fun I had ever had. It was amazing how much we had in common. Time kept flying by and we were still having so much fun, I actually forgot about why we were in the elevator in the first place.
"This is the most fun I have ever had Harry. Thank you so much."
I stood up and gave Harry a hug. We pulled away and looked deep into each others eyes. I really wanted to kiss him but I thought I would be coming on too strong, well yeah I guess Didg and Lou are a couple and no doubt Bella and Zayn were too but I just wasent sure if Harry felt that way about me. He started to lean in and I followed then our lips met. I melted when I had fully understood what I was actually doing. I felt a jolt but I really couldn't care less I just kept on kissing Harry. I heard a bell then someone "Huhumm"ing us. We pulled away to see Zayn and Bella standing there looking at us. 
"New couple I'm guessing?" Zayn said 
Harry and I looked at each other and smiled
"I think so." 
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