Meant to Be

Who would have thought being punched in the face would lead to the most greatest moments in life... When Liv wins 3 tickets to a 1D premier he finds herself in for more then she bargained for.


11. Finding out

Louis' POV
"Cya Haz. Bye Liv." I said as they turned to leave.
Didg was next Bella. They were laughing and talking bout who knows what. Niall was getting something to eat. Liam had left to meet up with Mae his girlfriend. Zayn was sitting in the corner of the room with his face turned towards the window. He would bring his hand up to his face occasionally to wipe the tears away. I saw Didg look at Zayn, then she looked at me signaling to get him out of the room for a while because he hasent left the hospital.
"Ahh Zayn I'm going out to the car to get something. Do you want to come?" I asked nervously as Didg stared at me as I did
"Nah I'm good." he ask in a down way
Didg glared at me again wanting me to keep trying.
"Umm why don't you come with me and we can go back to your place and get Bella some things?"
"Zayn go with Louis. You won't be long I'm sure. I'm fine with Didg. Ok."
"Go Zayn." she said raising her voice
He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and came with me. The car trip was silent. I don't think he's in a mood to talk about things. We arrived back at there apartment. It was actually a really nice building. Polished marble floors in the lobby. The elevators were very modern and the rooms were beautiful. The views were imaculat. They looked over the whole of London. We reached the front door and he slowly turned the keys to open the door. As soon as Zayn walked in he sat on the lounge and started to cry. I went over to him and tried to comfort him.
"It's all my fault Lou. Bella wouldn't be in that sick place if I didn't suggest we go to Bali."
"It's not your fault Zayn. Bella is fine now ok. You did the right thing by staying at her side this whole time. Don't worry Zayn. I'm sure Bella won't blame you for what happened."
He smiled and gave me a quick hug before going into his and Bella's room. There luggage was still at the front door. I thought I'd make things easier for him and take take them to their room. I went over to the bags and saw that there was a strange looking object in the front on Zayns bag, I knew it wasent any of my business going through his bag but the object looked like something I wasent sure Zayn was ready for. I unzipped the zipper and looked inside. There was a royal blue velvet box, again I knew I shouldn't but I had to. I opened the box and saw a beautiful gold diamond ring.
"I was going to propose as soon as we got settled back in. A perfect end to a perfect holiday. But I obviously couldn't because she collapsed before she even made it the lounge."
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to. I just was surprised you were ready for such a big step."
"It's fine and to be honest so was I but I just love Bella so much, I just could never let her go."
I walked over to him to help with the bags. I gave him the velvet box and he placed it in jacket pocket. We put her bags in the boot and headed back to the hospital. As we walked into the hospital Niall was at the front reception desk yelling at the nurse sitting behind it.
"Niall mate calm down. Whats going on."
As soon as Zayn heard Bella he ran to her room.
I apologized to the nurse Niall was yelling at and I went back to Bella's room.
"Clear." a doctor said in panic
"Negative response." another nurse said
"Well we have to try again then don't we." he said in a reassuring way.
Zayn was trying to reach Bella but nurses kept pulling him away. Didg went over to help but got on the wrong side of Zayn and 'WACK'. Zayn had elbowed Didg right in the nose. Blood was pouring out and I ran to help her. He realized what he had done and imediently started apologizing.
"Didg, I'm so sorry. Please I didnt mean to I just wasent thinking."
Didg seemed very calm about it to my surprise.
"Zayn it's fine really. It's just a little blood. I'll live. But please leave the doctors to help Bella, come with Lou and I. "
He nodded and turned back to the doctors and Bella. He quickly looked away and followed begone Didg. We sat in the waiting room silent. Liam and Mae came running in.
"Is she ok?"
"We don't know yet. Doctors are
still in there." Zayn said looking down.
Didg must have called them when we were out because I didn't know they were coming.
"Harry? Liv? Where are they? Have you called them yet." I yelled
They looked at each other hoping one would speak up and say they did. I calmed down and walked outside where I called Harry.
"Lou?" a voice came from the other end of the call.
"Haz. It's Bella she unconscious again. Doctors are in the room trying to revive her and bring her back to consciousness. "
"See you soon." was the reply.
I hung up and went back inside. I told them that they were coming and they nodded. I sat back down next to Didg who was quitetly sobbing. I lifted up her chin to see her mascara had run down her cheeks. I wiped away the falling tears with my thumb and kissed her forehead softly. She sat up a bit more and rested her head on my chest. She slowly close her eyes and fell asleep. I don't blame her for being so tired. She hasent even batted an eyelid about sleeping. She hasent even once complained that she was tired or wanted to go to sleep. She just stayed by her best friends side the whole time she's been here.

Didg's POV
"Its so exciting! We will get to be bridesmaids!" Bella screamed
"I know and we will also get to be godmothers!" I replied
We kept blabbing on about how excited we were for Liv and Harry and there baby. We even started coming up with ideas for there wedding like what food would be good. Coincidentally as soon as food was mentioned Nialler came running.
"Food! Someone said FOOD!"
"Yes Niall we did say food! We were talking about the what food Haz and Liv should have at their wedding." I said
"Oh I'm sure I can organize that." he said excitedly
"Haha very funny Nialler! Im sure they would be more then happy to let you organize that." Bella said sarcastically
He gave us a sour look and sat down on the small chair in the corner.
"Speaking of food. Why aren't you still at the cafeteria or did you eat all the food already?" Bella said to break the silence.
"No. They kicked me out."
We both laughed. He just sat there pouting. We continued to laugh at Nialls expression. Bella started having a coughing fit. I started getting worried and so was Niall. She finally calmed down and looked at us both weirdly.
"Guys im fine. I was just coughing. Nothing serious." she said with her eyebrows raised.
She gave us a reassuring smile and we continued to talk about the wedding and baby.
"I think it will be a girl." I said proudly
"Naah it will be a boy." Niall said confidently
"Hmm I'm not sure. It would be cute for them to have a girl because Liv has always talked about dressing her up in little cute dresses and putting accssesories in her hair, but she has always talked about having a little boy and getting him into music and stuff just like his Daddy. " Bella said smiling
"What do you rekon they will call the baby?"
"Harry's always wanted to call his first daughter Darcy and Liv really likes that name too so probably Darcy." Niall said
"Yeah. Livs also loved Xavier for a boy." I said
Bella started to look a little pale and not too good. Niall noticed too cause he was the first one to say something.
"Bella. Are you ok?"
She nodded and her head fell to the pillow. Sweat stared dripping from her forehead and the heart moniter started going crazy. Her heart rate was going down by the second. Buzzes were going off and before we knew it doctors and nurses came flooding in. More machines were being hooked up to her and the doctor pulled out the defibulator. Niall had run out of the room and gone to the front reception desk. I was standing in the corner helpless. I didn't know what to do.
"Bella!" Zayns familiar voice boomed through the door. He stood there stunned and then ran to the side.
"Clear." the doctor yelled
"Negative response." a nurse probably late 20's early 30's replied to the doctor.
I saw Louis ran through the door with Niall. He came to my side and started rubbing my back. Zayn was getting pulled away by nurses but refused to be taken. I went over to help but got there at a bad time because he raised his elbow and hit me in the nose. I was thrown back and blood was dripping from my nose onto the floor. Louis came to my side and got me some tissues.
"Didg, I'm so sorry. Please I didnt mean to I just wasent thinking." he said with such pain in his voice. I decided not to cause a scene. So I calmed down and replied
"Zayn it's fine really. It's just a little blood. I'll live. But please leave the doctors to help Bella, come with Lou and I. "
He nodded and followed. I texted Liam telling him what had happened and got a reply of 'Hope she is ok. We will be there as soon as possible! x'
Lou, Zayn, Niall and myself were siting on the hard plastic chairs when Liam and Mae came running in.
"Is she ok?"
"We don't know yet. Doctors are
still in there." Zayn said looking guilty. They sat down too. Then Lou stood up in a hurry.
"Harry? Liv? Where are they? Have you called them?"
I shook my head and he went outside. He came back in moments after and said they were on their way. He sat down next to me again and lifted my chin up. He looked into my eyes and wiped away my tears with his thumb. No doubt I had mascara running down my face. He kissed my forehead as I snuggled into his chest. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I hasent slept in a while because I was with Bella the whole time. I was really tired.
I woke up to see that Lou was gone and Liam had taken his place.
"Louis is with Zayn. They've gone to see Bella." I smiled and thanked him. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I sat up. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and stood up. Liam did too and then took me in to see Bella. Liv and Haz were there already. I must have been asleep for ages. I walked over the then both and hugged them. I then walked over to Bella and sat down on the small seat next to her. She was asleep but apparently she had been awake before. The tall, tan doctor who had greeted us hours before when Bella was first admitted to the hospital came in and asked us if we could please step outside while he explained what was wrong with Bella.
"Bella has treemonstarsel disease. (it's not a real disease. I just made it up.) it's where small bugs from plants are in her bloodstream. She obviously had a cut lets say on her finger. She has touched a plant with these bugs on it and they have found there way into her bloodstream. Now it's very easy to treat, by it is very hard to diagnose. She is very lucky because losing consciousness frequently is one of the symptoms of a very serious case of treemonstarsel. She needs surgery to remove these bugs but the surgery will not remove them imediently. We will place a device called a opdomotis (again its made up) near where her pulse is. This device will shock the bugs, killing them and there eggs. Eventually acids in the body will disinergrate the bugs and things will be back to normal."
We all took in the information carefully and fully understood what was wrong. In a way we were all glad we knew what was wrong but there was one thing that still caught us off guard. Surgery. She still needed surgery. Even though the doctor assured us that there is not danger in this procedure, all surgerys have there risks. We thanked the doctor and went back into the room to tell Bella whats wrong with her. She was awake which was good. We decided Zayn was the best person to tell her.
"Babe, the doctors know what's wrong with you."
"Is that a good thing?" she asked confused
"Yeah it's really good." he took a deep breath and started;
"You have a disease called Treemonstarsel disease. It's where you have bugs in your bloodstream that cause you to loose consciousness easily. The doctor said that you obviously had a cut on your finger which caused these bugs to get into your blood stream. Now he said that you need surgery but the procedure is very simple. They put a device called a opdomotis near your pulse which shocks the bugs. Eventually your body acids will make the bugs disinergrate and you will be back to normal."
Her mouth was wide opened. I wasent sure if t was a good thing or not.
"Thats great!" she squealed!
She was obiously happy that they knew what was wrong with her and that they knew how to treat her. Surgery was booked for 10 in the morning. They said Bella should get some rest before her big surgery. We were told that only one person could stay in the room with her. Again we all thought Zayn was the one who should do the honors. Haz, Liv, Lou, Li, Niall, Mae and myself all slept in the waiting room in the uncomfortable plastic chairs. We all knew it was gonna be a long night.
As 10am grew nearer and we all grew more anxious. We had all been in Bella's room since we woke up. Seemed very nervous too.
"Everything will be ok Bella. We promise." I said reassuringly trying to hold back the tears
"Yeah, and we will be right here when you get out of surgery." Liv added
Bella just smiled and looked out the window. It was a pretty silent few hours, apart from peoples tummys grumbling for food, mostly Niall. 10am finally came and Bella was all ready to go into the operating theatre. We said our goodbyes and good lucks. A tear or two escaped the boys and Maes eyes where as Liv and I were bawling. Everyone was comforting us. They wheeled her off to the theatre. This was going to be the hardest 6 or so hours for us.
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