Meant to Be

Who would have thought being punched in the face would lead to the most greatest moments in life... When Liv wins 3 tickets to a 1D premier he finds herself in for more then she bargained for.


10. Back again

Harry's POV
After I told them they all looked stunned. 
"The doctor said you can visit her. She's awake now but she's not too good." I said with the plainest look on my face.
I walked back out to the room Liv was in. I was stopped by a hand on my shoulder. I turned around, Liams hand was the one on my shoulder. Niall, Louis, Didg and Zayn were all standing behind him.
"Were here for you mate." he said with a slight smile.
"Thanks Liam." I said still with that plain expression. I wasent quite sure how to take it. Was I meant to be happy? Was i meant to be in shock? I wasent sure. I got to the room. I signaled for them all to be quite as they had followed up the hall to see her. I turned the knob and pushed open the door. 
"How are you feeling love?" I asked softly 
"I'm fine." she replied bluntly
The boys and Didg walked in behind. Didg ran up to Liv and hugged her whispering something in her ear. Liv laughed which made me feel a slight bit better. Didg moved back to Louis and I approach Liv. As I approached her,  her face turned pale. I ran to her side and handed her the bucket. The others winced as she started to throw up. I helped her out of bed and into the bathroom located next to her bed area. As she was continuing to vomit I rubbed her back soothingly.  She finally sat up and looked into my eyes.
"I'm so sorry. I did this to you." 
"Harry its fine really. Think of it as another adventure." she smiled at me and I kissed her forehead softly
She shot her head up imdediantly and looked at me as though she was bout to laugh.
"They don't know yet yet do they?" she held out her left hand to look at the ring. 
"No not yet." I smirked
"Should we? I mean they already know I'm pregnant."
"Yeah. Let go."
I helped her up and took her hand.
We exited the bathroom and walked towards the others. 
"Theres something else we need to tell you guys aswell as me being pregnant." Liv started
They looked at us in the most confusing was possible. 
"Um maybe we should go to where Bella is so she can hear too." I suggested.
We opened the door and went back to room 121 where Bella was sitting up in bed eating something that didn't look very appetizing.
"Liv, Harry congratulations." 
"Thank you." we said in sync
"There is something else we need to say aswell." Liv said again smiling like crazy.
"Yeeah." they all said with that continued look of confusion
She looked up at me as to say on 3 we'll tell them....
"Were getting married!" 
There were screams, cheers, cries and laughter all around.
"Congratulations!" Didg came over to me embracing me in a big hug.
"You better look after her Harry. Especially now she is pregnant with YOUR baby. You better say with her this whole journey and never let her go. You hear me?" I nodded. She simply smiled hugged me again then went to congratulate Liv.
"Congrats bro." Lou said walking over to me and hugged me.
"You did good. Well not as good as me." we both laughed and I went over to Liv. We were all so happy. Everything was going so well. My stomach started grumbling.
"Oi who's hungry?" I asked holding my stomach.
"I thought you were never gonna ask Haz." Niall said proudly and marched out the door we all followed and let Bella get some rest. The cafeteria was a few levels down and when we finally made it there was no one there thankfully. To my surprise Liv was the first one to run in there to order her food and not Niall. 
"I'll take that and that. Ahh a little bit of that, bit more, bit more. Perfect. Ohkay umm some of that too please, and ohh I have to have some of that, umm"
"Babe, slow down, you can always come back." I told her as she stuffed some jelly into her mouth. I helped her with her tray by takin it over to a table where se decided to dig into her food. When it was my turn for food all the good stuff was gone. 
"Niall!" I yelled 
"What?" he replied looking as innocent as possible
"You took all the good food."
"Nahh Liv did." 
I looked at Liv who was still eating her food. She slowly looked looking guilty as everyone was looking at her.
"What. " was all she said before returning to her food. I had never seen her act like this before. It is obviously the pregnancy that's doing this to her.

Livs POV
"I'm still hungry." I complained
"Are you kidding me? You just ate 2 chicken wraps, 3 bowels of Potato salad, a whole bowl full of strawberries and cream, 2 bowls of jelly and 3 bowls of chocolate ice cream." Louis said in a worried way.
"Dont test me Louis Tomlinson! I'm not in the mood." I snapped back. I stood up to get more food, but decided that wasent a good idea when I felt my stomach move and churn. Then I felt it coming back up. All that food I demolished. I ran out of the cafeteria with one hand over my mouth and the other on my tummy. I frantically tried to find a toilet but I couldn't, the only place I could think of at the time was Bellas room. Oh I know she'd hate me doing this but it will all be for a good cause in the end. I couldn't wait for an elevator so I ran toward a flight of stairs that I started to climb up. I made it to the bathroom in Bella's room just in time. 
"Liv, sweety? Are you ok?" Bella  asked in a worried tone.
I couldn't answer because I was still bringing up all my food. 
"Is she in here?" a familiar voice travelled through the slightly open door.
"In there." 
Harry burst through the doors and fell at my side.
"It's ok babe. I'm here for you."
He rubbed my back in a circular motion. I flushed the toilet and stood up to wash my face. I felt absoultly horrible. It was awful Harry seeing me like this.
"Harry I'm sorry. I hate you seeing me this way." 
"Look, I know it hasent happened yet but 'In sickness and in health' "
I smiled lightly and fell into his arms. I started I cry. He patted my back and helped me up.
"Why don't we find out how the baby's doing ha?" Harry suggested sweetly
"Good idea."
We went over to the front desk of the baby department.
"Is Doctor Hayfield about? We have an appointment." Harry asked the little old woman.
"Ah yes Olivia Carmichael is it?"
"Yes." I replied softly
"He won't be long please take a seat over there." pointing towards the plastic seats sort of like the ones we sat one when we first came here to see Bella.
"Olivia. This way please." Dr Hayfield said
We followed close behind and were lead into a small office.
"Now Ms Carmichael. How are you feeling?" 
"I feel fine but I'm still really hungry after eating pretty much all the food in the cafeteria." I said hoping to have a laughing reaction, but all I got was a raised eyebrow. 
"Anyway, how many times today have you vomitied?"
"Uhh 4 times."
"That's fine. Very normal."
He continued to speak about my health and what I should do diet wise.
"How many weeks is she?" Harry asked curiously
"14 weeks." he said with a slight smile.
Harry and I looked into each others eyes, we both smiled and hugged each other. We thanked Dr Hayfield and walked back upto see Bella. We decided to go home because I was really tired. We said goodbye to everyone and  left. The afternoon was quiet.I had called my parents and told them the good news and bad news. They were so excited for us and couldn't wait to see me and Harry again.  We snuggled up together on the lounge after the phonecall and watched a few movies. I fell asleep on the lounge. I woke up to noises from the kitchen. I got up and made my way to the kitchen. I wrapped my arms around Harry and kissed him on the cheek. He was doing the washing up from last night. He was just finishing up when he turned around and gave me a kiss. I decided I was feeling hungry so u went to the fridge. There wasent much there. I saw the giant stack of pancakes leftover. I went to pick up the plate when Harry placed his hand on mine.
"How about we go out for dinner?" he suggested
"I could never turn down a dinner offer could I?"
I ran off to have a shower and get ready. I put on a tight, black, mid-thigh dress complimented with a pair of biege wedges. I put loose curls in my hair and put on smokey eye make-up. It only took me about an hour and a half to get ready which was actually a personal best for me. I came out and Harry was sitting on the lounge all dressed up. He was wearing a black suit with a plain white t-shirt underneath. He stood up as soon as he saw me and started to come over to me.
"Ready to go babe?" he asked as he kissed my cheek
"Yep." I simply replied grabbing his hand.
We arrived at this really fancy restaurant that I had never heard of. It was beautiful inside. There was soft music playing quietly throughout the restaurant. A waiter showed us to our table Harry had reserved for us. Dinner was amazing. I had a ceaser salad for entre, chicken parmagana for main and for dessert Harry and I shared a fondu plate with fruit and marshmallows. After our meals we started to talk about the future. We started on plans for the wedding like who, when, where things like that. We were also talking about the baby. Was i going to have a baby shower, what we were going to put in the nursery. The talking continued for ages until Harrys phone started to buzz
"Louis? Why is he calling me at this late hour." he asked with a confused look.
I shrugged and he answered.
I looked at Harry puzzled. He nodded and replied "See you soon."
I knew something was wrong because Harry stood up in a hurry, grabbed my hand, threw the money at the waiter and yelled;
"Keep the change."
"Harry what's going on?"
"There's something wrong with Bella. We have to go back to the hospital." 
I sat there wide eyed staring out the front window. My hand was still in Harry's as he sped to the hospital. 
I really hope Bella's ok. I wonder what's wrong now?
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