Meant to Be

Who would have thought being punched in the face would lead to the most greatest moments in life... When Liv wins 3 tickets to a 1D premier he finds herself in for more then she bargained for.


12. Authors note.

Hey lovelies, how are you all. I'm so sorry I haven't updated in ages. I have been super busy with a new school year and everything. The thing is I really have enjoyed writing this movella but I think it's gone a bit off track. I was possibly thinking that I should stop writing this story and start a new one? I have a good idea for it. If you want me to keep writing this one please comment, I would really love to know your thoughts on it. I work really really hard on it. So if you want me to keep going with this one please comment, then ill start a new one another time, But if you want me to start a new one also let me know! Thank you all so much for reading my movella it mean so much to me :)
Lots of Love
Liv <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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