Meant to Be

Who would have thought being punched in the face would lead to the most greatest moments in life... When Liv wins 3 tickets to a 1D premier he finds herself in for more then she bargained for.


9. Are you sure

Zayns POV
"Hello." Liv answered in a happy way
"Liv hello are you there it's Zayn something terrible has happened." 
"Zayn what happened? Are you Ohkay? Oh My Gosh is Bella Ohkay? Zayn is she"
"She is unconscious! Bella she is sick. The doctors think she caught some sort of bug or disease while we were in Bali." 
I heard a bang obviously it was Liv dropping the phone. Harry picked it up and started talking.
"Zayn what happened?"
"Bella is unconscious she caught something in Bali were at the hospital."
"We will see you soon."
I hung up the phone and went back into the waiting room. I walked up to the desk and asked a young nurse if she knew where Bella was and how was her condition.
"She is out of surgery now. Room 121. You may see her now if you like sir."
I nodded and almost sprinted down the hallway. I reached room 121. I hesitated to open the door, not sure what I was opening it to. I fought back the hesitation and pushed down on the long silver handle. I almost dropped to the floor when I saw Bella. She was hooked up to at least 8 different machines. I looked at the one with the her heart rate and beat. Bella's heart rate was low and so was her beat. Her pulse was also weak. I couldn't stand seeing her like this. I wasent sure how long she would be like this. Suddenly I heard the door creak open.
"Bella!" both Liv and Didgeridoo yelled. They ran to each side of her and took her hand. I saw how pale both of there faces turned at the sight of their best friend. 
"YOU!" Liv stood up from Bella's side.
"You did this to her! If you hadent of brought the tickets to Bali she wouldn't of be here right now! It's all your fault Zayn! It's all your fault." She fell to the ground with her head in her hands. Harry imdediantly ran over to her and comfeted her.
"Zayn she didn't mean what she said." Harry started only to be cut off by Liv.
"No! I did mean what I said! It is all his fault she is in this state!" she stood up coming closer to me. She lifted up her hand as though to punch me or hit me. Her hand was inches away from my face when it fell so did the rest of her body. She just laid there emotionless and motionless. Harry ran to her aid and started shaking her.
"Liv? Liv? Come on Babe wake up? Someone go get the doctor!"
Harry yelled with tears filling his eyes.
"Zayn! What did you do to her?" Didg screamed from across the room!
"Nothing I swear I never touched her!"
Louis went over to her and huged her. Tears were streaming down her face.
The doctor came in and looked at Liv. Niall soon followed and do did a few nurses with a hospital bed.  Harry picked her up and placed her gently on the bed. He turned around with a sorrowful look in his eyes and went out the door with Liv and the doctors. How could all this be happening all at once. I wonder what happened to Liv? I'm so confused.

Bella's POV
Where am I? I thought to myself. I can hear beeping and crying and yelling... Geez my head hurts. I also have an extremely sharp pain in my stomach. I honestly didn't know what to think everything was black. I knew I wasent dead because of all of the noise I was hearing. I suddenly felt both my hands being picked up. The other hands were soft and femine. I knew they were Liv and Didg's. One hand was let go and then I heard Liv speak. I couldn't quite hear what was being said but I did catch some of it.
"It's all your fault! She wouldn't be here if it wasent for you!"
She was yelling at him. She was yelling at Zayn. What did he do wrong? I was so confused. I heard Harry too. A few seconds later a heard a thump. What the hell! I tried so hard to open my eyes but they just wouldn't open. The harder I tried the more tired I would get. I gave up. 
"Go get a doctor!" Harry screamed! Holy Shit what was going on, Doctors, Beeping, the sanitizer smell. I was in a hospital! Doors were bein flung opened and more people were yelling. Didg was crying and so was Zayn by the sound of it. I need to find a way to wake up from whatever I was in. The door opened again and it sounded like Harry. 
"There not sure what's wrong with her. There doing some tests."
I had to wake up I just had to! There was something wrong with my best friend. I tried again to open my eyes. Still nothing. I struggled again. Nothing! Come on Belle! Open your eyes! Please! Open your bloody eyes. A bright ray of light almost blinded me! Finally! I opened them. 
"Bella?" a soft, sweet voice spoke coming from the side of me.
"Oh my god! Bella!" Zayns face lit up and his flawless smile appeared. I couldn't help but weekly smile back. Everyone was there; Zayn, Didg, Lou, Niall and Liam. 
"It's real!" I yelled out of nowhere.
"Whats real?" they all asked confused
"Liv! Where is she?"
"She just collapsed for no reason." Zayn said with a sad expression
"Or maybe someone made her collapse." Didg butted in glaring at Zayn
"What do you mean?" I asked a little worried
"Zayn hit her right in front of us! He keeps denying it but he did!"
"No I didn't Didg she just randomly collapsed, honest!"
I started panicking because of all this yelling and drama.
"SHUT UP!" I practically scream causing staff to run in.
"Please everyone calm down. Bella doesn't need all this stress."
Didg simply gave Zayn another dirty then came over to me and hugged me. 
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stress you out." she whispered in my ear. I simply smiled and asked the doctor about Liv.
"Do you know what's wrong with Liv Carmichael?" I asked softly.
"Ah yes we do." he said in an awkward way then left.
"What the fuck is that sposed to mean?" Louis asked almost busting of anger
"Babe, calm down ok." Didg said soothingly
"Yeah Babe, calm down." Zayn mocked
"Shut your face!" Didg snapped.
I gave Zayn a dissapointed look as to say please stop. Harry came in a few minutes after the doctor left with the most blandest look on his face.
"Harry what's wrong with Liv? The doctor said he knows but he didn't tell us." Niall asked curiously 
Harry opened his mouth and began to speak. We were all listening carefully to all the details. We couldn't believe what he was telling us. I was in shock, tears were starting to blur my vision.
"Are you sure?" Liam spoke
"Yep! Positive!" 
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