Meant to Be

Who would have thought being punched in the face would lead to the most greatest moments in life... When Liv wins 3 tickets to a 1D premier he finds herself in for more then she bargained for.


1. Congratulations

'Beep, Beep, Beep'
As the sunlight shone through my partially open curtains my alarm goes off. Great it's Monday I thought to myself. I hated school. Everybody did. Especially now since my boyfriend Josh and I broke up. He would death stare me and would make rude remarks about me behind my back. I didn't have many friends. There was only 2 people I was really close to Didg (short for bridget) and Bella. We had been friends since I could remeber and nearly had any fights. I slowly pulled myself out of bed and shuffled my way over to my wardrobe.
I  picked out a white 3/4 flowy top and some red high waisted shorts and placed them on my bed.  I slowly made my way towards the bathroom. I turned on the shower tap and just stood there for what seemed like hours. I turned of the waterand grabbed a towel from the rack and wrapped it around myself. I walked out of the bathroom quietly so no one would come around the corner looking at what all the noise was. That would be really embarrassing. As i walked into my roomI looked at my clock and it was already 8:45! 
School starts in less then 20 minutes! I quickly dress, grabb my books and bag and run downstairs. I grabb a green apple and say goodbye to my family who were sitting at the table eating their breakfast. I open the front door to cold and wet weather, not a new thing for England. I got my jacket from the stand and started walking. Luckily  school is only a few hundred meters away. I made it just l before the bell had rung so I made my way to roll call. As I slumped down in my seat I took out my phone and earphones, I could never decide on music so I put the radio on instead. I flicked through the stations until I found my favourite one Supernova Central. It had all the latest and hottest tracks. I got to the channel just in time for my favourite song came on, Little Things by One Direction! I loved One Direction and one day wished they knew how much I love them. As the song finished the host announced a competition... I wasn't paying much attention until I heard One Direction and Premire. Oh My Gosh the competition was for 3 tickets to One Directions Premire for there new album, Take me Home. 
" Comeptition Closes at 1:00pm today! To enter call 67-456-6478-960!" You can enter as many times as you like. The winner will be called on live radio at 1:30pm. To all the enterants... Good Luck!". 
I wrote down the number as soon as I heard it and kept calling the number over and over again. The roll bell rang for 1st period which was Science one of my best subjects not only because I was good at it and my teacher loved me but because Josh wasen't in that class and Didg and Bella were. By the time I had gotten to Lab 1, I had entered the competition at least 29 times. Thank goodness I get £250 worth of credit for my phone. I countinued to enter until my teacher Mrs Wills arrived to class. Even though I was in class I still entered even with the risk of getting caught. Class ended and I didn't get caught. I made my way to Maths my worst subject. It was the complete opposite to science. My teacher hated me, I was terrible at it, Didg and Bella weren't in my class and josh was! I made my way into class a little later then usual because I was stopped by my English teacher Mr Greg, who had all the time in the world to talk about an assignment that I had handed in. After finally getting away from him I crept into Maths of course only to trip on the foot of my desk causing Ms Haggly to spin around. By the way she was looking it was asthough she was about to burst several veins.
"How dare you come to my class late Ms Brown! Pathetic excuse I'm guessing?"
"Well..." I started only to be cut of with Ms Haggly screaming out her lungs at me saying how important Maths is and it is a big mistake to miss it. Being me I zoned out and she noticed. Oh shit... What's she gonna do now. She approached me with her face as red as a tomato and so much anger in her face. She slammed her ruler down on my desk and countinued yelling. Bloody hell doesn't this woman ever stop. She finally finished lecturing me about everything and went back to writing on her board. I heard laughing in every direction I was so embarrassed how could someone be that cruel to do something like that. God I wish I could just yell in her face like she does to me and see how she likes it! The laughing countinued and I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I grabbed my books and ran straight out of the classroom I didn't care anymore I could hear her yelling after me but I just looked behind and flipped her off. So what if I get expelled. She's a bitch. Simple as that. I sat in the bathroom for all of ressess and periods 3 and 4, by the time lunch came around I was feeling as sick as anything... Crying for 2 and a half hours and not having anything to eat. I finally got off the toilet seat and walked out of the bathroom and there infront of me stood Ms Haggly and the school principal Mr Thomas.
" Ms Brown, if you would?" 
I followed Mr Thomas to his office and was told to shut the door behind me. He was talking about how inappropriately Ms Haggly acted and it was wrong but I was wrong to flipp her off. I was let off with a detention for that lunch time as I didn't do anything half as bad as Ms Haggly. I walked to the detention room with my food in one hand and my detention slip in the other. Mrs Wills was the teacher on duty. She looked at me in shock as if to say "Why on earth are you here?" but she just gave me a quick smile and pointed to a desk at the back. I sat down and began to eat my chicken wrap. After I had finished I happened to look up at the clock above Mrs Willis. It's 1:29! The winner of the competition will be called in less then a minute. What happens if they called me? I can't answer.. Can I? But before I could even think my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked the number 67-456-6478-960. You've got to be kidding me! 
"Hello?" I squealed not caring that I was in detention.
"Congratulations! You have won 3 tickets to One Directions Premire!"
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