Love at First Sight

When five best friends go to a one direction concert they all, including the boys, fall in love at first sight. (All of the boys are single....for now)


3. The Concert

Camille’s POV- On the way to the concert we were in Amy’s van. Amy was driving, Shelby was in the passenger seat, and Sahra, Savannah, and I were in the back. We were listening to the radio on the way. We were all singing along to Wide Awake by Katy Perry. After that song LWWY came on. We all screamed and then sang along until the song was over. We finally made it to the arena with almost an hour before the concert starts. No one else was in the parking lot other than security and crew. We decided to go ahead and find our seats. Shelby opens the door and right on the stage is Harry and Louis talking to Josh. When the door opens all three of them look right at us. Louis yells “Hello” to us while Harry stares at me. On the inside I was fangirling majorly while on the outside I was acting like I hadn’t noticed he was staring. Sahra is the one who breaks the silence I hadn’t noticed was happening because I was lost in thought.
Sahra’s POV- It was getting way too quiet for me so I broke the silence by saying “Hey guys” and waving. I notice Harry staring at Camille and Louis staring at Shelby. I take a mental note about that so I can talk to the girls about is later and look toward the stage. Harry is the one who responds to me. “Hi girls. What are you doing here so early?” I walk with the girls to our seats which happen to be right in front of where the boys were talking. After talking with Hazza and Lou for a little while they were called back to get ready for the concert. Shortly after they went backstage the fans started coming in. maybe 20 minutes after the fans were all in the boys came out on stage. During More Than This Harry and Louis came and stood right in front of us and it seemed as if they were staring at Camille and Shelby the whole song. Wait. No, whole concert. After the concert we got out our VIP passes and headed backstage.

Author’s note) Sorry it took so long to update. Thank you for reading this. Please comment and tel me your opinion.

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