Love at First Sight

When five best friends go to a one direction concert they all, including the boys, fall in love at first sight. (All of the boys are single....for now)


4. Meeting the boys

Savannah’s POV- After the concert ended we got our VIP passes from Shelby and headed backstage. We showed our passes to security and they showed us to the room where we were to wait on the boys. I sat down on the couch in the room and I could tell everyone was a little nervous.
Shelby’s POV- I was just a little nervous about meeting the boys because I have dreamed about his day for so long. I like all the boys but there has always been that special spot for Louis. I decide to get on twitter to see if anything was happening on there. Of course there wasn’t because the boys were here and they just walked in. “Hi again girls. You didn’t tell us you had backstage passes,” Louis said sounding a little too happy that it was us.
Amy’s POV- the boys walked in and everyone found someone to talk to. Harry is talking to Camille, Niall is talking to Sahra , Liam is talking to Savannah, & Louis is talking to Shelby. I am very shy so I just sit on the couch. Zayn was on his phone and when he looked up and saw everyone talking to someone, but me.
Zayn’s POV- I was texting my cousin, Elena, she was coming to stay with me while her parents were in America. She is 18, but her parents don’t want her home alone for that long. She will be here early tomorrow morning. I look up from my phone & see that the lads had started their own little conversations with the fans that had backstage passes. I see one girl who wasn’t talking to anyone. She was just sitting alone. Since she was alone I decided to go talk to her. “Hi I’m Zayn.” “hey I’m Amy,” she says in a quiet voice. I could tell she was nervous and shy. All of a sudden Paul comes in the room. “Boys we have to wrap this up in the next five minutes.” Paul says then walks out of the room. “Would you five lovely ladies like to come back to my flat and hang out?” That is just like Lou to invite people over without really knowing them. “That would be great!” said the blonde one who was talking to Louis, who I would learn to be Shelby. All of the girls nod in agreement, even Amy. So it was settled these 5 girls were coming over to Louis’ flat. Man, I hope it is clean because Louis isn’t the best housekeeper all the time.

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