Love at First Sight

When five best friends go to a one direction concert they all, including the boys, fall in love at first sight. (All of the boys are single....for now)


5. Hanging with the Boys

Sahra’s POV) I can’t believe they invited us back to their flat. We all say goodbye for now and we (the girls) climb back into Amy’s car. We head back to Shelby’s to change into some clothes that are a little more comfortable. When we et to her house Shelby lends us all some sweat pants and cute t-shirts. We eat a little snack and then head to the address the boys had given us.
Niall’s POV) We get back to the flat and it was a horribly mess so we all change into some sweats and clean as fast as we can. After about 20 minutes the flat looks pretty good and I am tired. I cant wait to see Sahra, the cute red head I was talking to backstage. A minute later the doorbell rings.
Louis’ POV) After the boys and I clean up the flat we hear the doorbell ring. I jump off and over the couch trying to get to the door first. The boys follow close behind but I am the first to get there. I open the door and the girls from backstage are standing there. We show them around the flat then settle into the living area. We all sat down with Sahra and Niall on one love seat, Shelby next to me on the other love seat, and Zayn, Liam, and Harry sat on the floor while Camille, Amy, and Savannah sit on the couch. We decide to watch a movie so Sahra and Niall go to make popcorn and tea. When they come back we decide to watch “The Ring”. Liam, Harry, Zayn, Amy, Camille, and Savannah have moved so that Camille is beside Harry on the couch, Liam next to Savannah also on the couch, and Zayn next to Amy on the floor. The movie started and during it Shelby must have been scared because she hid her face  in my chest. I couldn’t help but to wrap my arms around her shoulders. I look around the room and I see Zayn, Harry, and Liam in the same positions with Amy, Camille, and Savannah. While Niall has his arm around Sahra and she has her head on his shoulder. After the movie ended the girls were all half asleep. “Why don’t you girls stay here tonight?” Niall suggests looking at Sahra hopeful eyes. “I guess that would be ok.”  Sahra answers sleepily.
Niall’s POV) The girls took up on my offer to stay the night so we have to share rooms. Camille will share with Harry, Liam with Savannah, Louis with Shelby, and Zayn with Amy. We all say goodnight and head to our rooms. “I will sleep on the floor. You take the bed.” I say trying to be nice. “I couldn’t let you sleep on the floor it is YOUR bed. I will sleep on the floor.” She begins to argue. “well I refuse to let you sleep on the floor,” I say back to her. “well then I guess we are both sleeping in the bed because I refuse to let you sleep on the floor.” She says while getting into bed smiling because she knew she had won. I take my shirt off and slide into the bed beside her. She puts her head on my chest and falls asleep. I wrap my arms around her. It was in that moment that I knew I had finally found my princess and she was right here sleeping in my arms. At that thought I fell asleep.

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