Love at First Sight

When five best friends go to a one direction concert they all, including the boys, fall in love at first sight. (All of the boys are single....for now)


2. Getting Ready

Amy's POV- I get up at around 8 AM. I take a quick shower shower and put my hair up in a messy bun. I put on sweats and an old T-shirt. I pick up my phone and call Sahra.

"Hey Sahra." I say when she picks up.

"Hey I was just going to call everyone to make sure they are up so we can head over to Shelby's at around 2."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the concert today."

"How could you forget when we have VIP passes?!?"

"Chill out Sahra, I was just kidding I can't forget. See you at 2."

"See ya."

After we hang up I get on twitter and eat some cereal

Sahra's POV- After I finish talking to Amy and call te rest of the girls. Camille sounded angry that I woke her up so early. But then I told her she gets to meet Hazza today and her mood brightened.

*skip ahead to 2PM*

Sheby's POV- It was 2 now and everyone was over at my house. They seemed so eager to see the outfits I had gotten them for the concert. My parents were rich so I could get whatever I wanted. I didn't act like a snob who has money. I like to hve friends so I don't act like that.

"So Shelby where are these new outfits for the cncert?!?" Savannah asked eagarly.

"Hold on Savannah we have to wait for Sahra and Camille to finish eating."

Dang those two girls could eat you out of house and home, I mean literally.

"We are done now go get the outfits!" Camille said while putting Sahra's and her's dishes in the sink. I run upstairs to get the outfits out of my walk-in closet. I grab the clothes, which i have in seperate bags fo each girl. I run back downstairs.

Savannah's POV- Shelby comes running dwn the stairs. She has 5 bags in her hand. One bag for each of us. She starts handing each one of us a bag, how she knows which bag is who's I don't know. She hads me my bag and I instantly pull out my clothes like a fiveyearold on Christmas morning. Shelby got me black pumps, black skinny jeans, a coach clutch bag, and a tribal print beach tee. I look arond to see what she got everyone else. She got Camille black skinny jeans. a Vila Femme oversize top, a gucci bamboo top purse, a pandora ring, and ankle cowboy boots. Shelby even bought herself a new outfit. I then looked at Sahra. Sahra got grey skinny jeans, a camou pullover, a silver chain necklace with a heart, a Suri evening clutch, and classic black UGGs. Shelby got herself an outfit too. She got herself khaki skinny jeans, Top Shop rainbow Boucle, classic slip on Toms, a golden love braclet, and an over the shoulder coach purse. Amy looks at what she got last. She got an infinite directioner necklace, a herm bracelet, a goden love ring, a Vila went dress, a vintage herloom black clutch, and nude pumps. We all thank Shelby and have a huge group hug. We then run up to Shelby's room get changed, do our hair and make-up, and head to the concert. We were all so excited and I couldn't wait to go backstage and meet the boys, exspecially Liam.

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