Life Hurts

When Samantha was young she was video chatting with her friends and her boyfriend.She did a random video chat with a stranger and when they saw her they said cruel things she was known as a Whore and slut from that day on her Boyfriend break up with her her parents die she was left alone


2. Getting Used To This

Samantha's P.O.V 

So my cousin is Zayn ... Malik i guess i'll ask him about himself and talk to his friend i guess they were his friends if they were they are SOOOOOO CUTE."So Samantha why are you out here on the streets?" asked Zayn. "Well i was on a video chat with someone and they called me ugly and worthless..." i took a deep breath and began " and a year after that i had no friends the only people there for me were my parents .... but they died 3 months ago" i look over and Zayn and he look sad i kept telling the story " So i stayed with one of my Aunts she had a son 4 years old and a Daughter 6 years old and The aunt i stayed with her name was Evelyn , her daughter Lili, and son Lolo. They were so nice to me i loved them all!But when day Evelyn's sister came to pick them up to go pay the rent bills and crashed and Lili didn't make it...... <--- this part is true About Lili dying she will forever be missed i love and miss you little girl she was 6 if you wanna support her family in this time please go like the facebook page "Prayers For Little Lily And Family" tell me in comments if you liked the page and you can be in this story im not begging but she was a cute little girl after you see her pictures you'll see back to story  .....

so after her death i didn't wanna bother her family so i ran away" i look up to Zayn and his friends they look sad "Samantha that was the past you can go live with me and the boys" he said. " I think i should know their names first Zayn." i said "OH YEAH sorry." he said back. "I'm Louis" said the one who woke me up in the first place."Im Niall" said the one with the cutest irish voice ever."Im Liam" said the one with brown hair and brown eyes "And i'm Harry" said the one who had brown curly hair and green eyes.

Harry's P.O.V 

I like her but i knew Zayn would stay by her side.I didn't want a girl come between us.So if i find out she likes me then i'll make my move.

Niall's P.O.V 

I knew Zayn would stay by her side but i liked her.I wanted to wake up by her side every morning. WAIT Niall you just met her snap out of it.


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