Life Hurts

When Samantha was young she was video chatting with her friends and her boyfriend.She did a random video chat with a stranger and when they saw her they said cruel things she was known as a Whore and slut from that day on her Boyfriend break up with her her parents die she was left alone


1. New Life

Samantha's P.O.V 

I was left alone here in the world.No one cared anyway.As i'm walking down the street i see a little girl with her family they hug laugh and talk.Tears started to go down my eyes.I miss my family.I just kept walking down and i saw some faces I've seen before.I just can't really tell who they are.Maybe my mind is play tricks on me.I came to an alley i could still the faces of those boys walking i wanted to go closer to see who they were in stead i fell asleep beside the big green trash can.

Louis' P.O.V 

As me and the boys were walking i saw a girl lying beside a trash can.I walk over to her and shake her awake.She wakes up and smiles i smile back."Hello, I'm Louis can i help you you look like you could some?" i said to her."No,i'm fine thank you" she said with a firm voice."Just let me help you please" i said.She look at me and said "Sure,why not?". "Thanks and i didn't get your name" i said."Oh yes it's Samantha" she said kindly . "I love that name" i said with a smile on my face.I think about it she kinda looks like Zayn.

Zayn's P.O.V 

I couldn't keep my eyes of her.She look A LOT like me.Maybe She's a cousin or someone in the family."Hey,umm Samantha whats you last name may i ask?" i said "It's liua" she said Liua? i think to myself "Thats my aunt Sarah's last name" i said.Her eyes grew big then she said"Thats my mom name" "Oh where is she?" i said . "She's and angel now with my brother and dad" she said with a frown on her face.Great zayn you found your cousin and already made her sad >:[

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