want you back

harry and hailey miss each other but why... read and find out thanks!

A/N hey um well i wrote another book called want you back but did not like it so i decide to just rewrite it and try agian. hope you like this on alot better!xx


11. the bet

i got in my car and was in tears i did not want to lie but i did not want to to say the wrong thing or hurt harry but then again i did to show how much he hurt me. i drove home and walked down stairs to the basement were our bar is to steel some bottles of liquor for me and catie tonight.  i walked down there and there he was sitting there drinking something and spinning it with his finger i walked over and tryed to just ignore him but it did not work.



"please can we just talk"

"harry there is nothing to talk about"

"yeah there is"

"no there isnt"

"i saw you on tv today"


"why did you not answer them"

"because i did not want to hurt yo... because i did not know what to say"

"hailey i know you like me"

harry came really close to my face and grabed my waist i stepped back and he just kept coming closer to me till i was up against the wall.

"come on just say it"

"harry i do n..."

i was cut off by harry crashing his lips on mine and i froze but then harry started to rub my back and thigh and i guess he relaxed me because before i knew it i was kissing him back he lifted me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist he moved to my neck and hit  me sweet spot and a little moan escaped my lips harry stoped and smirked at me.


"i found your sweet spot"

"yes you did" i said in flirty way and winked he laughed and started to kiss me again on my neck for a long time to then he put his hands up my shirt.

"no no no"

"i though you wanted to"

"i did but i forgot all that happend and i just remembered and you are a real jerk you know that and stop trying to sudduice me with your curls" i said in a kind of playful but serious tone

"ha ha okay"

"harry i am being serious"

"what ever you say i will get you to fall for me"

"is that a bet i hear"


"okay lets make it official"

"fine if you fall for me you have to date me"

"what if you fall for me"

"i already have"

"not far"

"yeah it is so when does this bet start"



"none at all"

"i am fine with that"

"shake on it"



harry kissed me.

"i think that is a better way to seal a deal"

"okay leave me alone catie is coming over"

"no remember you said no rule there for i will never leave you alone"

"whatever oh there is one rule"


"you cant tell anyone about anything between us at all got it"

"got it my lips are sealed, so what are you doing with that bottle"

'nothing catie is coming over"

"dont get to drunk and pass out i might do some stuff"

"you beter not stay away from me styles"

"you said no rules"

"harry kissed my cheek and walked upstairs.

"harry styles dont"

i stood there in shock because i just made a bet with harry but i cant loose okay dont fall for him hailey dont. i grabbed harrys glass and shot it in my mouth it was straight jack... nasty. but it kind of calmed me down so i grabbed 2 bottles of jack and to more bottles of vodka and 2 bottles of wine. and stuffed them in my bag and calmly walked upstairs in my room and put the bottles in my closet i stood up and turned and bumped into harry and kind of screamed and jumped.

"omg i hate you"

"you love me"


"you know you do"

"whatever but why are you in here anyway styles"

"i can do whatever i want no rules"

"no have sex with me"

"well yeah i would not rape you even though it would not be considered rape"

"and how is that not rape"

"because you would like it"

i smaked his arm playfully "get out"

"no i am not leaving this spot"

"fine then i guess you have to deal with my singing"

"i am okay with that"

i grabbed my clothes and walk in the bathroom plugged my phone in and hit shuffle i got in and started to to sing to die young.


i hear her start the water and get in i walked over to the bathroom door and open it i took all the towles and her cloths only leaving her thong and bra and walked out. she could not even hear me she was singing so loud and about 10 min later she turned the water off and i ran out of her room i heard he grunt really loud and i laughed really hard but stopped when i bumped into liam shit.

"what are you doing in haileys room"

"i was uh looking for my sock"

"oh did you fined it"

"yeah it is on my foot"

my phone vibrated and it was hailey.

"liam i have to take this talk to you later"

"k mate"

liam walked of and i answered my phone has i walked back into haileys room and layed on her bed.


"you are so annoying"


"no it is paul yeah it is hailey"

"oh whats up"

"bring me my cloths"

"i am not even in your room anymore"

"were did you go"

"i am at the club"

click she hung up and i heard her punch the wall and she slammed open the door she was only wearing her bar and thong she froze when she saw me looking at her.

"what are you doing here though you were at the club"

"no i am not going to hurt you like that again"

"sure whatever"

"well at least i know 2 things"

"and whats that"

"i have boner and i know you care about me"

"uh eww and how do you know that"

"because you just punched the wall"

"harry" i started to cry because i did care about him and i know he cared about me but i was not ready to date i am still getting over austin and i was really stressed with harry liam and my mom i have not even talked to her in forever she is like my bff sometimes. 

i cupped my face and cryed even harder, harry jumped up out of bed and hugged my almost necked body.

"i am sorry i will stop"

"no harry i dont you to stop i like it"

"then why are you crying"

"because it is a long story can i just tell you tomorrow or something"

"yeah i will be poping in all night" he kissed the top of my head and hugged me.

"ha out"

i got dressed in high waist shorts, black shirt with red suspenders and red convers and i put my hair in a side pony tail and light make up and called catie.

"hey when do you want me to come over"

"now and bring your card we are going to go shopping"

"yes be there in 5"

"ha ha okay bye"


i grabed my satchel and put my phone and walet in it walked to my moms room i need to talk to her.knock knock

"come in"

"hey mom "

"hi hun whats up"

"mom i am sorry i have not been talking to you i have been stressed"

"should i be worried"

"no i think i will be fine"

"good well were are you going"

"shopping with catie but were are you going why are you packing"

"i am leaving for 2 weeks for work"

"fun well when do you leave"


"well i will prob not be home so i love you and call me as soon has you can"

"love you to"

i walked out and turned to look at my mom.

"and mom how do i look"

"hot why trying to impress someone"

"haha no"

"liar tell me please"

"fine it is harry but it is a very long story"

"good for you but please be careful now go have fun love you"

"thanks mom love you"

i walk down stairs and into the kitchen and got some water and harry walked up and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"you smell good"


"do i smell good"


"good well were are you going"

"i am not telling you"

"what why not"

"because you will follow me"


honk honk

"i think thats my ride"

"yeah bye"

i slipped out from his grip

"wait you forgot something"

"what i did"

harry grabbed my hand and spun me around and kissed me!

"yeah you did"

"okay lover boy i have to go"



i was about to open the door when harry grabed me again and hugged me again and whispered in my ear"by the way you look great" and just walked away i was blushing like crazy when i walk outside.







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