want you back

harry and hailey miss each other but why... read and find out thanks!

A/N hey um well i wrote another book called want you back but did not like it so i decide to just rewrite it and try agian. hope you like this on alot better!xx


10. Starbucks


has i pulled up catie was walking in she smiled and waved i did the same back i got out and we walked inside together and sat down in the back both.

" so whats up" she said

"nothing really how about you"


"okay catie lets cut the crap and talk about the real reason we came here"

"okay what do you want to know"

"what happen between you and liam"

"okay so after you got out i went and drove around a little then i went to your house and well he was sitting on the couch i went and sat down by him and we started to watch tv when he put his hand on my knee and well it just kind of happened"

"thats it nothing eleas"

"nothing eleas"

"okay i for give you i am sorry i also flipped on you"

"no its okay so we good"

"we good"

"we still best friends"

"still best friends"

we got up and hugged and ordered our coffee and sat back down.

"so hailey i have to ask you something"


"are you and harry a thing i saw the pic and the video"

"they got a video to"

"so its offical you guys are together"

"no we are far from it to"

"really because it looked like you enjoyed that kiss"

"well i did kind of but ever since then we have been fighting a lot"

"but you guys are not even dating you know what tell me everything"

"okay" i told her everything even cutting myself well i did not tell her about last night how he brought the girl home or what happened this morning.

"what a ass just never cut again and i hate austin because you gave him two chances"

"i know but there is more but how about you come over tonight and i will tell you then"

"okay well i have to get home"

"me to"

"glad we worked this out"

" me to"

we walked out and the pap were everywhere they were yelling and snapping photos of me and catie.



"WHAT DOES LIAM THINK ABOUT YOU AND HARRY DATING" the pap all started to ask me and then they got quite with there micks and camras all  pointing at me waiting for my answer.

"no commit " is all i said they ask "who was the boy harry got into a fight with?" "my bo_ no commit bye i have to go"

"wait one more question"

"no sorry i have to get going"



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