want you back

harry and hailey miss each other but why... read and find out thanks!

A/N hey um well i wrote another book called want you back but did not like it so i decide to just rewrite it and try agian. hope you like this on alot better!xx


4. sorry babe

i wake up at 5:30 and pull my hair in a messy bun and grab my phone and head down stairs i was kind of nervous but i stuck it up has i walk down stairs i hear them talking and laughing about god knows what i walked past the living room and they all got quite, i walked in the kitchen and sat on the island counter top and call austin.

"hey babe did you ask you mom"



"she said no sorry i just got in this huge fight with my mom and liam"

"okay well i will be over early tomorrow morning to say good bye"

"okay well i am going to go bye love you"

"love you to bye"

i hang up the phone and i hear the door creek i turn around and see niall peeking his head in i guess he was hungry i remember the last time i seen him it was the day they won the X-factor and he went and ate and ate, yeah i have not seen liam since 2010 so about 2 or 3 years but i did not miss him one bit.

"niall you can come in"

"okay well i heard you talking and did not want to be rude"

"its okay ill talk to you later have to go and get ready"

"see ya"

i walk out and go into the living room to try and see if my black high heels are in there and has i walk in they are all staring at i find them and roll my eyes has i walk out and walk up stairs to get ready and jump in the shower. 

A/N sorry this chapter is crap and short!

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