want you back

harry and hailey miss each other but why... read and find out thanks!

A/N hey um well i wrote another book called want you back but did not like it so i decide to just rewrite it and try agian. hope you like this on alot better!xx


15. party and more



i heard every word and next time i see austin i will beat his ass again. i ran down stairs and got the guys.


we were pretty drunk by now and dancing around that was untill Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam walk in and liam turned MY music down!
" um liam what are you doing"

"hailey why are you drinking?'

"because i can and i think the real question is why arent you drink"

"liam this could be fun a party just us we have not even had time to bond or talk how about we move this down stairs" said louis

"i like the way you think louis how about it liam"

"i dont know"

"oh come one lighten up"said niall

"no i dont want your dirty little hands all over my sister"

"but you can "fool around" with her friend" said harry

"what did you just say" said liam

"nothing" said harry 

"left take this party down stairs" said louis

"whoop whoop" they all yelled has everyone went down stairs i stayed up stairs an pulled out my phone and three wayed anna and lindey

"hello" they both said

"hey i have us on three way"

"okay hey whats up"asked lindsey

"well we are having a little party tonight and i wanted to know if you guys wanted to come?"

"sure who is all going to be there"asked anna

" louis, harry, zayn, niall, liam, me, catie, and you two"

"why so little" lindsey said

"because we wanted to walk and get to know each other more"

"okay well get over here and just walk in okay"

"okay see you guys in a little while"



i walked down stairs and yelled "YEAH ANNA AND LINDSEY ARE COMING OVER"

"who?" they all asked 

"there our friends" said catie

"yeah you will like them there so kool"

everyone went back to dancing and talking but i could not find  liam i went to go look for him but someone was calling my name.harry.

"hailey were are you going come and dance with me"

"no i need to go and find liam do you know were he is"

"nope but once you find him come and party with me"

"okay harry"

he grabbed my waist and kissed me 

"see ya"

i walked to the kitchen and grabbed and beer i walked to the back porch and i saw liam sitting on the swing.



"what are you doing out here all alone" i said while sitting next to him



"why you hate me"

"thats why i am out here i want to tell you"

"okay tell me"

"okay well when you left for x-factor mom bacame really strict with me like she was with you remember when she always made you study and stuff like that"


"okay well she starting to do that with me and even if i got a B on a test she would ground me for the rest of the weekend and make me study. and another reason why i was alway mad at you and at mom was because we would go to family events and stuff and you were always the main topic an it was all about liam and how you were in the spot light and i was watching from the side lines liam mom always says why cant you be like your brother and liam it is so hard to live up to you know because you are big and famouse and i am just your sister and its like i cant please mom no matte how hard i try so i just gave up and started to drink and never be home and i learned how to block her and everyone else who always just wanted to talk about you"

"hailey i am sorry"

"its okay and i am sorry"

"no i am sorry"

"no i am you have no reason to be sorry"

"yeah i do"

"and whats that"

"i am sorry i never noticed how much you hurt sorry"

"its okay sorry for yelling at you"

"its okay i deserved it"

"i know" we hugged and he giggles at the last thing i said and kissed the top of my head. i stooded up.

"so are you coming inside"

"in a min go and have some fun"

"are you sure"

"yeah bye"


i walk inside and went to go find harry but i found zayn.

"oh hi zayn"

"hey hailey"

"whats up"

"nothing can i show you something"

"well i was supposed to go and find harry"

"nonsence we have not even talked at all"

"okay fine but lets go and get a drink first"


we walked in the kitchen and got a drink and then zayn grabbed my hand and we walked up stairs i gave him i funny look but just brushed it off. we walked in his room and zayn shut and locked the door. i was looking at some pic that were on the dressser when i felt his arms come around my waist.

"uh zayn"

"mmh" he said has he kissed my neck

"what are you doing"

"your so beautiful, i am jealous of harry i know that you guys have something going on"

"zayn stop" 

but he did not stop instead he pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me. i tryed to push him off but he would not stop he was to strong.


i was walking around trying to find harry and i was wondering if she ditched me or something but has i went and got a drink i heard her scream "ZAYN STOP" i heard her scream that and i took off up the stairs.



but he ignored me and lifted up from my neck and let go of my hands and started to unbuckle his belt thats when i hit him in the balls with my knee he fell off of me and i ran to the door and unlocked it and ran out but i hit some one and fell down on the floor.


"whats wrong you look scared and your breathing really heavy and i heard you scream"

"oh nothing im fine"

"why did you tell zayn to stop what was he doing"

"tickling i was tickling her" said Zayn fixing his shirt.harry looked at me and said "is that what happened"

"yeah" i said looking at zayn he had a smirk on his face but has soon has harry looked at him and gave him a is-that-what-happened-look. zayn smiled and walked down the stairs.

harry looked at me and pecked my lips and stood up and helped me up.

"you sure your okay"

"yeah why wouldn't i be"

"i dont know you just look a little uneasy"

"im fine okay lets go party"


we ran down stairs and straight into the kitchen and got a drink everyone was in there and anna was on the island untill she saw me

"hailey i have a big suprise for you"

"what are you guys doing"

"taking body shots"

"okay whats the suprise"

"guess who i brought"



"what oh my god were is he" 

"he is going to be here in a min"

"oh my god you are the best" i said has i jumped and hugged her!


who was brad and why was she so exited about him coming over?


"yeah mate"

"can i talk to you for a sec"

"sure whats up"

"who is brad"

"oh brad is her old friend who moved away a couple years ago they were so close like brother and sister but other stuff happended i think because she was pretty upset for the longest time"


"nothing to worrie about"


*ding dong*

the door bell rang and hailey ran up to it and she screamed when she opended it.


"i've missed you to"

"come inside its cold"

"never thought you'd ask"

i over heard there little conversation they were having and it made me so mad she was mine not his.

"hailey give me another hug"

"ha ha okay"

she went in and gave him another hug and he pecked her on the lips and hugged him even longer. i was getting to mad i just want this party to be done and over with.



we all walked in the kitchen and she layed down on the island and pulled up her shirt.

"okay so who wants to take it" asked louis again

"i will" said brad

are you fucking kidding me.

i saw louis put the fruit in her mouth and the drink in her belly button and the salt on her neck. and brad sucked the drink up and then licked the salt and went for the fruit and he ate it and then threw it on the ground and started a fool out snog with her.i sat there and watched has her eyes shot open and she looked at me and pushed him away and i ran out of the room.

"harry" she called after me but i just ran outside.


i kissed him back but then i pulled back and look at harry he looked so pissed and sad at the same time. he ran out and i called his name but he just kept running.

once i got outside i looked to the left did not see him i looked to the right and there he was his curls flopping in the wind. 

"harry, harry HARRY" he did not even turn around he just kept walking i ran up to him and stood in front of him he tryed to walk past me but i stood infront of him.

"harry please just talk to me"

"hailey just go inside its cold out here why dont you have your new boyfriend cuddle you to keep you warm"

"brad is not my boyfriend we are just old friends"

"oh yeah because everyone goes around and kisses there friends"

"harry you know what brads my friend okay get it threw your head i dont like him and the kiss ment nothing to me so untill you get it threw your head that the kiss ment nothing to me then come talk to me okay"

"hailey im s-"

"no harry its like if i  kiss a guy i get yelled at but you can fuck some girl in my house and then try and sneak her out the next morning and did i yell at you no i did not so stop acting like you are perfect because guess what hun your not"

"i never said i was"

"but you act like it"

"really how"

"you just did"

and with that i turned around and walked away but i stopped and turned to him



"bets off"

then i just walked away and back into the house.

"hailey were did you go" said brad and he kissed my lips. i pushed him away and ran upstairs 

"i think its about time everyone left"said liam has i walked up stairs

"bye" said every one

i was up in my room and just sitting on my bed i cant believe what happened tonight the kiss with zayn then i lied to harry about it then brad kissed me and me and harry got into a fight. my though were cut off when there was a knock on my door.


"hey are you alright" lindsey

"come in here"


"are you and harry dating"


"then why was he so pissed about brad and you kissing"

"its a really long story but lets just say that we are not friends anymore"

"are you going to be alright tonigh"

"yeah go ahead you can go i will call you  when i wake up"

"you sure"

"yeah night"


she walked out and shut my door i layed down on my bed and slowly fell asleep.

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