want you back

harry and hailey miss each other but why... read and find out thanks!

A/N hey um well i wrote another book called want you back but did not like it so i decide to just rewrite it and try agian. hope you like this on alot better!xx


1. oh your home....bye

"honey wake up you have school"

"5 more min"

"no now" 

"fine get out"

"well maybe if you did not stay out all night  parting you would not be so tired"

"whatever mom"

i hear mom walk out and i grab my phone and i have about 100 tweets and 10 messages from my bestie catherine and then some from liam my brother yeah i am liam payne little sister he is 19 i am 17 he is in one direction i am in school at home or at a party people at my school love me for me i am friends with almost everyone they like me for me not for liam and that is why i love it here it is like my town and everyone knows me and sometimes people ask for pics with me it is kind of annoying but i still do it.

"hailey you up"

"yeah mom"

i got out of bed and ignored the messages from liam the ones from catie (catherine) saying hi just to annoy me i got dressed in skinny jeans and a crop top that says bad girl on it and brush my hair and teeth and slip on my flats grab my bag and phone and walk down stairs and has i walk down the stairs i hear laughing and a lot to. i walk into the living room and there are bags every were i hear the laughing coming from the kitchen. i head for the door to the kitchen and crack it open.

"mom i am leaving"

"well wait come here i have a suprise for you"

'what mom" i say has i walk in and Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Harry are all standing there and liam smiles at me.

"cool bye now austin is waiting for me" i run out of the house and see austin smiling at me he gets out and runs up to me and picks me up over his sholder i scream at this and then liam and the rest of the boys are standing right behind me.

"ha ha austin put me down" 

"ha ha okay whos this hailey"


"only the 5 boys standing behind you"

i roll my eyes and turn around and the boys are all staring at me then austin.

"what liam"

"are you okay"

"yeah why would i be"

"well i heard you scream and thought you were hurt"

"well no i am fine bye lets go austin"

"bye hailey have fun at school"

"not likely"

austin opened the door for me and i hoped in he ran and got in on his side and got in and kissed me and it turned into making out when we finished i turned to put my set belt on the boys were still standing there i rolled my eyes and gave them a dirty look  and austin drove off.

we arrived at school and i got out and austin has already graduated and he had to go to work i kissed him good bye and got out and walked up to my friends.

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