want you back

harry and hailey miss each other but why... read and find out thanks!

A/N hey um well i wrote another book called want you back but did not like it so i decide to just rewrite it and try agian. hope you like this on alot better!xx


14. do you like him?

catie sat on my bed while i got the bottles.

"oh what do we have here"

"i thought we were under some stress"

"and drinking was your idea of  a stress reliever.....I LOVE IT"

"oh good i thought you were mad there for a second"

"no i need this and so do you"

"i know so what do you want"

"vodka please"

i poured some for each of us and played some music and sat on the bed and talked to each other"

"so hailey"


"i saw the way you were looking at harry and the way you smile when he is around you"

"okay what about it"

"its complicated"

"tell me"

"okay you ready for this"


"okay well i like harry alot he is so easy to be around and to talk to and he is funny and sweet and a gentalman so yeah i like him but i am not going to give in he still has to do alot more if we are going to date and i am not ready to date i just like him and plus i am still pretty upset about austin breaking up with me" i started to cry.

"yeah i get it 2 years gone but every thing will be alright" she gave me a hug.

"i know i so just to be clear i like harry but not enough to date him i am still really upset about austin and i think i am just confused because i am sad and a lot has happend in the passed three days"

"i get it and hey i have to ask you something and you dont have to answer it but umm did you and austin have sex?"

"well it was the night before my brother came home and me and austin got a little tipsy and he started to put his hands you know up my dress and we were about to but i stopped him he got really pissed and pushed me off of him and he slapped me but not hard an grabbed me bye my hair and told me to not tell anyone and be a good girl and he pushed me out of his house and i ran home so no we never had sex"


"shhhhhh it did not hurt just left a little mark and i covered it up"

"so you did not break up with him that was so stupied of you"

"i know i am sorry"

"are you going to tell harry"

"yeck no and neither are you dont tell anyone"

"i wont promise"

"thanks so are you ready to get this party started"

"hell yeah"

we got up and blasted the music and had a party for to!!


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