want you back

harry and hailey miss each other but why... read and find out thanks!

A/N hey um well i wrote another book called want you back but did not like it so i decide to just rewrite it and try agian. hope you like this on alot better!xx


6. can you come pick me up?

i sat on this bench for about 5 min and got really cold so i pulled out my phone and call the first person that pops in my mind...harry.

"hello"he says in a sleepy voice 

"hey harry its hailey did i wake you up"

"yeah but its cool whats up"

"well i need you to do me a favor"


"come and pick me up and me and catie go in a fight and she left me"

"yeah were are you at"

"at funnky budda"

"okay dont move just stay there be there in 5"

"okay thanks harry bye"


i walked back to funnky budda and leaned on the window and no more than 5 min later  harry pull up.he gets out and walks over to me and grabs my hand and walk to the car.


"you o me big time" he said with a smirk man he is annoying but i could not stop looking at him.he ran to the other side and and got in he leaned over and looked into my eyes.

"are you okay"

"yeah fine"

"what happend"

"nothing she just started to flip shit on me"

"just tell me"

"i am good why would you car.."

he cut me off with a kiss i did not want to kiss him back but i did but only for a little while then he pulled back.

"i do care about you"

and then he went in for another kiss and he just kissed me and there were flashes of lights and people runnig down the street the pop and fan  got pic of  the kiss.

"harry just go"

he sighed and drove off and harry stopped at the red light and put his hand on my knee and started to rub it.  I looked at him and pushed it away in a rude way and looked out the window. harry sighed really loud at my move.

"hailey did i do something wrong"

'yeah harry you did do something wrong you kissed me and the pop got a pic of it"

"okay we kissed whats the big deal"

"harry i have a boyfriend he is going to florida tomorrow and what do you think he will do when he finds out and i will get hate from school and all of your fans"

"well i thought you broke up so i went after you"

"why would you go after me you can have any girl in the world"

"hailey i have wanted you since the day we won the x-factor i only had the eyes for you"

"harry i am sorry but you cant have me how about we just try and keep this between us"

"well you know that that pic it going to be every were by tomorrow"


"whatever" he whispered under his breath.the light turned green and harry drove off and i felt kind of bad because i always have liked harry but he always acted like a ass to me and he never seemed attracted to me and i was always attracted to him ever since i saw him but then i got Austin after they won the x-factor and i just gave up and one direction was never in my mind again till now.

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