want you back

harry and hailey miss each other but why... read and find out thanks!

A/N hey um well i wrote another book called want you back but did not like it so i decide to just rewrite it and try agian. hope you like this on alot better!xx


16. austin?

i wake up at noon and walk down stairs and sit down on the sofa and get one new text message from lindsey

lindsey:): starbucks in a hour?

me:sure see ya there.

i go and set my phone down but i get a call from a unknown number?

"hello?" i ask 

"uh hi is this hailey?"

"yeah who is calling?"

"oh thank god its austin"

"austin!" i say kind of exited that he called me first!

"yeah babe"

"oh my god why did you call"

"i really want to see you"

"oh i dont know austin remember you broke up with me"

"i know i just want to talk to you"

"ok fine"

"okay come over at five okay"

"yeah okay"



i hung up and ran out of the room only to run into harry.great.

"oh sorry harry"

"your going to see austin"

"uhm no"  i try to lie

"dont lie to me hailey i heared you"he said raising his voice 

"okay yeah im going to see him why do you even care" i yell back

"because i lov-"

"you what"

"never mind have fun"

"i will believe me"

"whatever" i hear him say has he walks past me and i jog up stairs and run to go take a shower. once im out i brush my hair and teeth and then get dressed in a pair of black shorts and a pink flowy tank top and sparkily TOMS! i grab my bag and phone and walk down stairs and into the living room to find every one awake.

"hey guys im leaving"

"were you off to" ask liam

"Starbucks with lindsey"

"and austins" harry says 

"what" ask liam

"yeah he just wants to talk to me"

"i dont think that is a good idea didnt he breakup with you"

"yeah but we are just talking we are not getting back together calm down"

"okay becareful"


i walk out and drive to starbucks.


i walk in and see lindsey sitting down look at her phone.

"hey hoe!"

"hey slut!"

i giggle at how we always greet each other and sit down.

"so why did u want to me up today?"

"what i cant have coffee with bestfriend"

"yeah but i can tell you have something on you mind what do you want to know?"

"what happend last night?"

"okay fine ill tell you okay so harry got mad that brad and me huged kissed blah blah the he ran out we yelled at each other and i told him bets off then i ran inside and up to my room"

"really how did he react to you calling the bet off"

"he tryed to say sorry but i did not want to hear it"


there was a short silents between us and i just could not hold it in any more i had to tell her she was my best friend.



"i have to tell you something"

"oh god what now"

"no no its not bad but your never gonna guess who called me this morning"

"your mom"

"no umm.....a-austin"

"how is that not a bad thing what did he want"

"he just wanted to talk to me"


"i am guess us"

"what if he wants to get back together with you then what are you gonna do"

"i have no clue i dont think i want to get back with austin i mean i gave him to many chances"

"that you did and im gonna be honest with you i think he will never change his ways and keep hurting you"

"i know im still going to go talk to him but only talk maybe he will just want to be friends or something"

"yeah i guess does harry know your going over there"

"yeah hes so pissed"

"is he really"

"yeah like crazy pissed"

"like when a fat kid gets his cake taken away"

"yeah but i think he is why more pissed"

"oh shit yeah he is pissed maybe even jealous?"

"maybe but im going over there at five so what do u want to do till then"

"lets just walk around town a bit"

"sounds good to me" we got up and began to walk around  londen.




A/N: okay sorry i have not updated i really have no excuse i just havent got around to doing it but i will try to start updating so more:) like and fav and comment!!!<3

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