A secret I never knew.(A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Megan Siner. Yeah Nice name huh? I'm a foster kid, currently living with my 9th set of foster parents. In the last three years, I've been to Nine different homes. Up until now, my life has been the same. Crappy homes. People who don't give a crap about the foster kids. Idiot 'siblings'. Who knew the day I arrived in my foster home in Wolverhampton, England, would change my life.


5. Who in the world is Eleanor,Louis?

"She does look just like her."Zayn said as they all looked at me, including Luke.

"Who's Eleanor?"I asked.

"Shes my girlfriend."Louis trailed off in thought.

Then louis gets out his phone and dials a number than walks away. I looked at the boys, who were still looking at me.

"Yeah, she looks just like you."Louis said as he walked back over, phone stil in hand."Like, exactly like you, but younger.Did your parents say anything about another child?"

He listened then said,"Ok, well how does she look like you then?"

He sighed and hung up."Looks like we're taking a trip to London then."

What the effing hell just happened?


Later that night, Louis picked me up, and i told Mrs. Carter that's I'd be back soon and that I was going with Liam. I hoped in next to Liam, and we started off towards London.

"So Eleanor is Louis girlsfriend, and I looke like a younger version of her?"I said again.

They all nodded. I shook my head and leaned on Liam's shoulder and fell asleep.


Soon we were in London, and we walked towards the London Eye.

"El!"Louis yelled as he ran up to the girl and encased her in a hug. I took a breath and stepped out of the car.

Liam intwined our hands, and I looked up, and smiled.

 We walked up behind the guys."Hey el."Liam said.

"Hey Liam, Lads."she smiled.

She looked at me, and both of our mouths dropped.

"Holy shit."I said.

"What the hell?'she said.

"The guys were right. We look just alike."




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