A secret I never knew.(A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Megan Siner. Yeah Nice name huh? I'm a foster kid, currently living with my 9th set of foster parents. In the last three years, I've been to Nine different homes. Up until now, my life has been the same. Crappy homes. People who don't give a crap about the foster kids. Idiot 'siblings'. Who knew the day I arrived in my foster home in Wolverhampton, England, would change my life.


4. I look like who?

I followed his lead, and we danced into the Argentine Tango.

For once, we are allowed to do lifts.

I smiled as he lifted me up and set me back down to the beat.Once we were done, I realized everyone was watching us.

"Wow."I mumbled.Then they atarted clapping. WE took out bows, and walked back over to the guys, who gave me a bone crushing hug.


The day went by fast, but it got really weird after school.

WE were walking around the campus when this guy came up to me.

"Hey El, I didn't know you went here."he said.

"Um... I'm sorry. I'm Megan. Not El."I said.

"Oh sorry. I thought.....You look..... a lot like my friend. Eleanor Calder."

"You just said Eleanor Calder."Louis's eyes were big.

"Yeah. And she looks a lot like her."he said as he pointed over to me.

"Thats my girlfriend."louis was shocked, then he looked at me.

"You don't look like Liam. You look like Eleanor. I mean, you look exactly like her, but younger."he was way schocked.

A/N Yeah I know. Way to short. But I wanted to get to that part and I have writers block. If you want another One Direction story, got to Wattpad.com and look up Aly_Koke then read Can We Make This Work then after you read that, you can start reading A Song Of Finding You. Thats book 1 and 2. Thanks guys!

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