A secret I never knew.(A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Megan Siner. Yeah Nice name huh? I'm a foster kid, currently living with my 9th set of foster parents. In the last three years, I've been to Nine different homes. Up until now, my life has been the same. Crappy homes. People who don't give a crap about the foster kids. Idiot 'siblings'. Who knew the day I arrived in my foster home in Wolverhampton, England, would change my life.


3. First day of school? Can it get better? I hope so......

Open your window! -L

I smiled and sat up. I streched and hopped out of bed. I walked over to the window where Liam was waiting.I pushed open my window.

"Morning."I smiled as I sat on the window seat.

"Morning sunshine.Whatcha wanna do today?"he smiled.

"I have school. Sarah and Mrs. Carter want me to get into a normal routine fast."I pouted.

"Dang. I wanted to hang out today.I have an idea! The lads and I can go with you. I know the principal, so he'll let us go to your classes."he smiled.

"Really? You would spend 6 hours in classes with me.?Just to hang out?"I said.

"Yeah."he said like I should know.

"Give me you're phone."he said.

"Why?"I asked.

"Just give it here!"he laughed as I tosses my phone from house to house.

"Now, go get changed and get ready for school."he smiled as he shut his window.I shook my head and went to shower.After I was clean I picked out  a pair of white jeans, A blue cut off shirt(since we could where any thing there),a pair of flats and a white bag. I clipped on a blue jewel belly button ring and made my hair curly.  I did my make up and nails(yeah Liam woke me up really early). I grabbed my feather dreamcatcher earrings and put them in. I slid my infinity ring on my middle finger  and added a few squirts of my perfume.

I walked down stairs and saw Mrs. Carter sitting in the living room reading the paper.

"Morning Love!Ready for school?"she asked.

"Yep. Liam said he'd go with me."I smiled.

"Really? That was sweet of him.Make sure you get something to eat before you go."she smiled.

"I will."I said just as Liam knocked on the door.

I grabbed an apple and opened the door. Liam stood there, my phone in one hand, a bag in the other.

"Breakfast."he smiled.

"You are the best!"I hugged him.

"And heres your phone."he said as he handed me my iphone.

'Why did you want my phone?"I asked as I grabbed a hashbrown out of the bag.

"I added things."he smirked. I unlcoked my screan and saw everything. He added a thousand apps, music, wallpapers,everything.

'And there was one thing that I wanted, but there wasn't any."he smiled.

"And what is that?"I asked.

He took my phone and switched it to the camera.

"A picture with my best friend."he leaned over and set his chin on my shoulder. I smiled as he took the picture, then set it as my lock screen.I smiled and slid the phone into my back pocket.

"YOU"RE JSUT GONNA LEAVE US?!"I heard Louis yell.


"You brought food/"Niall stared at the bag.

"My breakfast!"I said as is sheilded the bag.

"Is she not letting Niall have any food?"I heard Harry yawn.

"Yup."Zayn mumbled, still asleep.

"Why are we doing this?"Harry asked.

"I never said you have to come. JUst figured Megan would like to have someone show her aorund school her first day."Liam smiled.


I waited in the hall while the guys talked to the principal. I started Humming Don't Judge Me by Chris Brown.

"Excuse me, are you new here?"some one asked. I opened my eyes, and saw a blonde hairs boy with grey eyes in front of me.

"Yeah. I am. I'm Megan."I said.

"I'm Luke. WOuld you like a tour around the school?"he asked.

"Thats very sweet of you, but Some one is going to show me aorund.Maybe I'll see you around school?'I asked.

"Whats you're first class?"he asked.


He smiled. He had it too.

"Meg, you didn't tell us you were in a performing arts school."Liam said as he looked at my schedule.


"Yep. Call me multi talented."I smiled.

"Liam?"Luke said.

"Luke? What are you doing here?"Liam asked, clearly shocked.

"Um..."I said as I stepped toward the guys.

"Megan, guys this is Luke. Hes my cousin. I dind't know you went here."Liam said, still shocked.

"Interseting."I smiled.

"So, shall we head to dance?"Luke asked. I nodded and he lead the way.

We walked into the dance class, and everyone looved at me,Luke, and the guys.

"Wow, this isn't akwards at all."I whispered.

I set my stuff down with Luke's and walked to the middle of the room.The teacher told us what we were doing, and told us to pair up.Luke bowed dramatticlly and took my hand.  I laughed and placed me other hand on his shoulder.

"Ready?"he asked. I nodded.

The teacher turned on the song, and it was a Chris Brown  song.Say Good Bye.

"Follow me lead."he smirked. I liked where this was going.

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