A secret I never knew.(A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Hi, I'm Megan Siner. Yeah Nice name huh? I'm a foster kid, currently living with my 9th set of foster parents. In the last three years, I've been to Nine different homes. Up until now, my life has been the same. Crappy homes. People who don't give a crap about the foster kids. Idiot 'siblings'. Who knew the day I arrived in my foster home in Wolverhampton, England, would change my life.


1. A new home. A new life.

"Megan! Get your ass up now! You're leaving!"my foster mum yelled as she banged on the door.  I yelled back and got up. I reached under the make-shift bed and grabbed my suitcase. I made sure I had all of my clothes and pictures and other things in there before I tired up my hair and walked down.

"Finally! Slow ass kid."she mumbled.

"What was that?"I said.

"You heard me.Slow. Ass.Kid."she repeated.

Hell, I was leaving anyway. I set my bag down and cocked her right in the jaw.

"Bye!"I yelled as I slammed the door. Yeah I hated Mrs. Smith. She was horrible. Never gave a shit about me. i saw the black car waiting so I quickly slid in and saw the social worker sitting there.

"Rough morning?"she asked.

"Duh! Shes horrible."I complained. Sarah was my social worker, and she knew I hated it there."So where to now?"I asked.

"Wolverhampton."she replied as she scrolled through her phone.



Great. Another home. Another fmaily who doesn't give a shit about me. Another home of hell.Wolverhampton is about two hours away so I put my earbuds in and started listening to Ed Sheeran.

I started humming the lyrics which made Sarah smile. She's been workignw ith me since I was 5 so she knows I'm happiest with Music playing. Sarah was like an older sister. She knew all of my secrets.

I ended up fallins asleep to the sound of Ed's voice.


"Megan, wake up!"Sarah said as she shook me awake.

"We there?"I asked as I rubbed my eyes.

She nodded.

I sighed as I got out of the car. I looked at my new home. It was fairly big. The houses around it were faily big as well, so i'm guessing semi-rich place.

"C'mon."Sarah said as she motioned me toward the house.

I took a deep breath and walked up the path.

"Megan, this is Mrs. Carter. She's your new foster mum."Sarah said. I looked up and saw a woman in her 20's. She had blond hair, and bright green eyes.

"Hi."I mumbled.


"Hello, Love!"she said peppy like. Ugh.

"She's not quite awake at the moment."Sarah said as she set a hand on my shoulder.

"Well, come in!"Mrs. Carter said as she ushered us in.

"Let me show you you're room!"Man, this chick was hyper.

We walked up the stairs and we came to a room. Mrs. Carter opened the room and I gasped. It was a real room. With a bed. And a computer. And a tv. And everyhting a teen could want.I walked in  and took the sight of the newly painted room. It was perfect. My favorite colors. Hot Pink,Black,and white."OhMiGosh!"I said stunned.Sarah came up beside me and hugged me."Be good. Don't hit her. You have a tendency to hit the foster parent. Behave, and you might get to stay here longer."she whispered into my ear.I hugged her goodbye, then looked around my room, that is now my home. At least for a little while.

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