Fifty Shades of Payne

Liam Payne has always been a kind-hearted, faithful man. He and his beautiful girlfriend, Danielle, met on the X Factor UK in 2010 and have been together since, and he loves her more than almost anything. But can one night and one girl change all that?


4. Waking Up With Question Marks

*Liam's POV*


      I woke up through light streaming in through a window. I was about to get up and close it when I felt a figure move in my arms. Thinking it was Danielle, I went to bury my hand in her hair, and I felt her turn towards me.

     Just like a jackhammer hitting me in the face, memories from last night came rushing into my head. From seeing one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen to being drunk at Funky Buddha with that same girl. Finally, to pushing her into the bedroom and having sex with her. And, oddly enough, I didn't regret any of it.

     Suddenly, I remembered that she was still in my arms, staring at me with fear and dread in her eyes. "Did we really do what I think we did last night?" she asked nervously.

    "Uhm, yeah, I think we did, love," I responded, staring straight into her dark blue eyes,

    "Don't call me 'love'!"

     "I'm sorry," I said.

     She sighed. "I need to go...uhm...Liam, right?

     "Yeah, Liam Payne." SHIT, I hope she doesn't know that I'm in One Direction. And if she does, I hope she doesn't FREAK OUT. At that moment, her eyes widened as she stared at me in shock. Then, she put a sour look on her face while getting up and said, "Then, I'm glad this was a one-time thing."


*Cheyanne's POV*


     I woke up to blinding sunlight and a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist. Wait, who is that? I know it's not Michael, because I kicked him out yesterday. And where the fuck are my clothes? I had so many questions but no answers. I turned around to see who was holding me. One look at his face, and I remembered everything from yesterday: the fight with Michael, going to the club with Kat, and leaving with this guy. Wait, did we have sex?

     I looked at him and asked him the big question. "Did we really do what I think we did last night?" I asked him, afraid of what the answer might be.

     "Uhm, yeah, I think we did, love," he responded as he looked me straight in the eyes. SHIT! This isn't good. And what did he just call me?

     "Don't call me 'love'!" I accidentally yelled at him.

     "I'm sorry," he said, looking away. I feel bad for yelling at him, but he called me 'love'. Who does this guy think he is? The King? We just met last night. (hey, I just met you... el oh el I had too)

      I sighed. "I need to go...uhm...Liam, right?"

     "Yeah, Liam Payne."

     Wait, wait, wait, WHAT?! Did I just hear this right? Did he just say he is THE Liam Payne of One Direction? IT IS! How did I not notice this? I guess I was too drunk. This is bad. I hate that band with a passion. They think that just because they are famous they can be stuck-up, inconsiderate little bitches.

     "Then I'm glad this was a one-time thing." I got up, put my clothes back on, and was just about to leave when I remembered something. "This is my flat! You need to leave!" He got up, put his clothes on, grabbed his phone and his wallet, and I followed him downstairs.

     We left the house in my car, since his was still at Funky Buddha and I'm nice enough to not make him walk, and we drove there to get his car. We arrived, and before he got out, he took my phone and put his number in it. "Goodbye, Cheyanne. I had fun last night," he said, giving me a wink, as he got out of my car. He walked over to his and drove out of the parking lot and away from the club like nothing had even happened.


**A/N: So, in the last chapteer I told you that my friend stole my notebook. Well, she wrote part of this chapter while she had it. So, I hope you enjoyed it :) and sorry I took a while to update...I got lazy el oh el :)**

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