Fifty Shades of Payne

Liam Payne has always been a kind-hearted, faithful man. He and his beautiful girlfriend, Danielle, met on the X Factor UK in 2010 and have been together since, and he loves her more than almost anything. But can one night and one girl change all that?


5. Explanations & Excuses

       I drove away from the club, wondering if anyone would be at my flat, asking me where'd I been. And, sure enough  the boys and Danielle were all waiting. So were Josh and Andy. It was extremely tense. Dani was the first to say anything.

       "Where the hell have you been? You weren't here when I got home last night. You most definitely weren't here when I woke up this morning," she nearly yelled. "Go ahead; explain, mister." Hot damn, she is mad.

       Agh, come on, Liam. Think. THINK! "I went to Funky Buddha last night. Around one, maybe two in the morning, I was ready to leave, but I didn't want to bother any of you, because it was so late. I figured all of you were asleep by then, and I sure as hell wasn't driving intoxicated. So, I just slept in my car and drove here this morning." PERFECT!

       A collection of "oh"s filled the room, and you could feel a release of tension in the room. Well, except for Dani. "You could've called, mate," Niall said. "One of us would've came and picked you up. It wouldn't have been a problem." That was followed by some "yeah"s and "it would've been okay"s from everyone.

       "Thanks, guys. But it's okay. Really," I told them. "Now I need breakfast, a shower, and a change of clothes."

       "Okay, well, we have to go visit El and Perrie," Zayn explained, gesturing to Louis.

       "Yeah, we promised them 'Mani-Pedis' or whatever." I gave him a strange look, asking why.

       "Their birthdays," Lou and Zayn said simultaneously. I gave them the "oh, okay" face.

       "So, we should get going," said Zayn. "Bye." They both waved as they walked out the front door. Okay, two down, four to go.

       It had been quiet for a while when Niall yelled "I'M HUNGRYYYY!!!" Everyone laughed.

       "WHEN ARE YOU NOT?!" We all asked him. He shrugged his shoulders and said "I dunno."

       "C'mon, Naller," Harry told him, smiling. "Andy, Josh, and I will take you for breakfast." I guess he could tell that I needed some time to talk to Dani.

       "YAY!!! :D" Niall jumped up and down like a 7-year-old who just won a prize at the fair. And then, he ran out of my flat, screaming "TO THE FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!" with a big grin on his face.

       "We should ge find him," Josh said with a sigh. "Bye, you two." Who two? Oh, Danielle and me. Gah, I'm so stupid. "Hide the kinves," he whispered to me as he walked by.

       "Bye, guys," I told them. They all said "bye" and waved. Okay, now to deal with Dani.

       She stood with her arms crossed over her chest. "You're lying," she said sassily. SHIT! I'm dead ...

       I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Baby," I cooed softly while smiling. "What makes you think I would lie to you?"

       She continued to stare at me coldly. "First of all, you never go to the club. NEVER. Second, you wouldn't get drunk alone, club or no club. Third, you would never sleep in your car and then drive home the next morning while hungover." Hmmm ... all very true ... She escaped my loose grip around her waist, put her hands on her hips, and waited.

       Well, I can't tell her the truth. She would literally kill me. "Okay, okay. You caught me." I backed away and put my hands up like how the cops tell you to do. "I saw one of my old school mates and we hung out some and we got drunk and he drove me to his place for the night. Then, this morning, he drove me back to the club to get my car, and I drove here." Perfect!

       She had a thoughtful, yet questioning look on her face and her arms were crossed again. "Hmmm," she began. "Okay. I believe you." She smiled and walked over to me. She wrapped her arms around my waist and we kissed. "Finally. A kiss from my beautiful girl." She buried her head into my chest so I wouldn't see her blushing and smiling. I hugged her even tighter and then she came up and whispered, "By the way, you're a terrible liar," in my ear. I threw my head back, laughing.

       "Now, you said you wanted breakfast?" Dani asked me.

       "Yeah ... but not just any breakfast," I responded, giving her "the look".

       I guess she understood what I meant, because she said, "Oh? Well then, I say we should go eat. I'm getting a bit hungry myself." Here I go again ...

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